Sunday, 27 July 2014

Resort Living

 Well, we're back in Vancouver after a super relaxing week in gorgeous Mexico. It's always so hard to come back after a holiday like this -- especially when we were so spoiled while there. Our resort was unbelievably gorgeous and the weather couldn't have been any better. It was our first time visiting an all-inclusive and although we aren't sure if it is our personal cup of tea, we definitely took advantage and let the ease of the holiday take over.  I've never stayed in such a gorgeous suite before and having our own pool was definitely the cherry on top. Nothing beats waking up in the morning and jumping in the pool to wake yourself up.

We did run into a road bump while there when it came to taking photos -- the humidity! I've never experienced such intense humidity before and apparently the camera hadn't either. This was our first day running into it and we discovered that the camera actually needed a good amount of time to adjust outside (especially near the ocean) before it would defog. So, after this day we knew to prepare ahead of time and give ourselves a little more time. The humidity also made it impossible to wear any makeup, so I was makeup free pretty much the entire trip. Quite liberating really!

I purchased this dress during the sales before leaving for our trip. It is exactly what I pictured for a Mexican getaway. Free People is seriously the best when it comes to boho and the loose fit was so perfect for a hot day. Dresses like this are so necessary for looking cute when you feel anything but. It's nice to know you can just throw it on and you're all set -- no effort required.

Thursday, 24 July 2014


One of the best decisions we made for this trip was to get a private pool with our suite. It is so humid and the most refreshing thing is to be able to just walk out of your room and jump into the water. I think I have been spending about 80% of my time in that thing and it is absolute heaven. Tomorrow we're headed out on a sailboat to check out some islands and do some snorkeling. I've been looking forward to this all week and can't wait! 

Thanks so much for visiting!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Hola!! I'm still experiencing technical difficulties with the internet here, but just wanted to check in and give a bit of an update. We spent the day sweating our butts off in town -- checking out the old town & promenade, some of the gorgeous beaches that surround Puerto Vallarta, and (my personal favourite) a tequila factory tasting and tour. I've never been a huge fan of tequila in the past, but I believe I am now a convert. The real stuff is surprisingly delicious! Also quite potent, but that's half the fun :)

I hope you're having an amazing week and I'll check in again soon. xox

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Welcome to Paradise

Just wanted to say a quick hello from our home for the next week. We Arrived in Mexico this afternoon and were met with a wall of heat that, honestly, couldn't be more welcome by the both of us. Everyone has been warning us against it, but we couldn't be any happier. Might change our tune in a couple of days, but for now we will revel in the warmth and enjoy the beautiful ocean and our pool that we can literally walk into from our balcony. Can't wait to show you more photos! But for now, I think it will have to be super quick posts because the wi-fi is already making me want to pull my hair out. I'll keep you as updated as possible, but don't be too surprised if there's a little radio silence. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! xoxo

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Life Lately

 A couple of weeks ago, Ollie and I spent a weekend in beautiful Pemberton for our friends' wedding and we couldn't get over how beautiful is was. The first two photos are taken in the setting of the wedding -- a gorgeous open field surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and the third was taken at a beautiful lake setting that we found while driving around the small town. 
 Vancouver has been so incredibly gorgeous lately and we've been taking advantage by riding our bikes around the seawall at every opportunity. The first photo was from a date night with my bestie, where we were treated to a gorgeous sunset, the next is Second Beach pool where Ollie and I made a pit stop last weekend to cool down after a couple hours of riding, and the third is from beautiful Granville Island (which is always so photogenic).
 On Saturday, our neighborhood had the annual Khatsahlano Festival and it's the first time I've checked it out in a couple of years. I usually prefer to avoid the 100,000 people that come to Kits on this day, but now I remember what the draw was. It was really worth braving the heat and the crowds for the amazing music, good food and crazy good deals -- I got two anklets for $5!
Two Sundays ago, I had tried to start the day off healthy with a green juice (third photo), but I just scrapped that once I met up with some of my fav Vancouver bloggers for brunch at Local (second photo). I just can't say no to pancakes! So, figured that Japa Dog for dinner (first photo) would be the perfect dinner before catching the new X-Men movie. I think there may have been some frozen yogurt once inside as well... Oops! 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Double Peplum

I thought I would continue with the "double" theme and go for some double peplum this time. It felt a little strange putting on an all black look today because it is absolutely gorgeous out, but it is what I was drawn to and that's how I like to get dressed. Plus, it's super short, so I figure that's gotta scream summer.

I don't know about you, but isn't it so hard to concentrate on work when it's so gorgeous outside? This weekend was absolutely amazing. We spent pretty much the entire thing outside in the sunshine and it felt so great to be active and healthy and soak in as much vitamin D as possible. It's making our upcoming trip that much more anticipated and I can't wait to have a week and a half to relax and lay on the beach and drink plenty of Margaritas. Still have to get through this week, but the anticipation is half the fun!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Double Denim

Ahhh, the Canadian Tuxedo. I love representing my beautiful country and what better way that with double denim? I love it that this was once the way to describe Canadians' terrible fashion sense and is now totally in style. I guess that means we're suddenly amazing stylists! I've actually been a little obsessed with double (or triple) denim lately, so I figured it was about time to show it on the blog again. I've especially been obsessed with these shorts and I think they're my current favorite item. They're called the Hangover Shorts from UNIF and I swear that's what sold me. Seriously, how could it not?