Monday, 5 October 2015

70s Style

 I'm so excited to show you guys these photos that I took with the uber talented Christine Pienaar a couple of weeks ago! Christine is usually a wedding and engagement photographer (and a talented one at that) but I swear she was born to be a fashion photographer. I left the shoot wondering if any of the photos could possibly turn out because I looked like such an awkward weirdo posing for her, but then she sent them over and I'm totally blown away! I'm actually still wondering if she did some sort of Photoshop voodoo to make them look this amazing because I don't know how this happened. We shot another set as well and I'll show those ones to you next week. I really hope you guys like them as much as I do!

I'm so happy that the 70s style is back once again and this time with a vengeance. I started out a little timidly and picked up a couple of the boho pieces, but now I'm getting a little more adventurous with my choices. I mean seriously -- how freaking fun is this 70s floral romper? This is maybe one of my favorite pieces that I've worn all year! It was one of those items that I grabbed as a "maybe it looks ok once it's on" extras for in the change room, and I was totally right. This romper completely transforms once it's on the body and is super flattering with its long sleeves and elastic waist. I added a belt for style because I never quite like the look of an elastic waist on myself -- I just feel like a belt is a bit more slimming and beaks up the pattern nicely. What do you guys think? Would you wear something like this?

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway for a gorgeous One Fated Knight Bag! You can find the post for it HERE. The contest closes on October 11th, so there's only a few days left. Good Luck!! xoxo

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Topshop Boots

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

OFK Video and Giveaway!!!

 I'm soooo excited for this giveaway! It is HUGE! One Fated Knight (one of my very favorite handbag designers ever) is being so generous and giving away a bag of the winner's choice! All the details are at the end of the post, so make sure to have a look through the photos to choose your favorite bag and then enter to win! We've also created a video to give you an even better idea of what the bags look like.

Check below for details on each of the bags. Make sure to keep scrolling to enter the giveaway as well!

The Countess:

A new bag for this collection and it is gorgeous! It has wrinkled black leather, pyramid studs and a removable strap that is perfect for hands-free use when needed but oh so perfect as an evening clutch with some attitude.

The Bishop:

This is the best selling bag in One Fated Knight's Collection and I have to admit it is my favorite as well. This beauty is perfect for daytime wear and can be dressed up or down to suit your mood. I was able to fit a picnic blanket, water bottle, wallet and my phone into this gem and I am in love.

The Marquess:

This tote couldn't be more perfect for the office and fits all the necessities to carry you through the day. I use this as my trusty carry-all for those days that I'm lugging my laptop, tablet, change of shoes and snacks around with me. Luckily, this bag keep me from looking like a frumpy crazy person and helps me to feel stylish even when I'm carrying my entire apartment around with me. Also, isn't this olive color to die for?

The giveaway is open worldwide and will finish on Oct 11th, 2015. The winner will be randomly selected and announced on Oct. 13th, 2015. Good Luck!!!

To enter, you simply need to follow the link below and enter your name, email address and which bag you would like to win! So easy.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Finally Ready

 Like I mentioned in my last post -- the new Nordstrom has opened in Vancouver and I am one very happy girl. I think the purchase that I am the most excited about is actually this hat. I seriously want it in every color and I might actually do that because it was only like $50! A bargain if you ask me. Also, everyone needs the perfect chambray shirt and here it is. It actually has snaps instead of buttons which I personally love and it has the perfect amount of slouchiness for that perfectly relaxed look. I'm feeling like my fall wardrobe is off to a pretty good start! And that's saying a lot for someone that has been resisting this transition quite strongly. Who am I kidding? Everyone loves fall clothes shopping!

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Monday, 21 September 2015

Best News Ever!

 Happy Monday! I'm sure that if you live in Vancouver, you have already heard the exciting news that the new Nordstrom has finally opened its doors. I had the opportunity to get a sneak peek of it a week before its actual opening, but that didn't stop me from checking it out on the big day. I went straight for the brand I was most excited to see -- Madewell. It is the first Madewell offering in Vancouver and I have been waiting for this day for a very very long time. I wanted to take home pretty much every single thing, but I limited myself to just a few for now. This dress is something that I was unsure of when I brought it into the fitting room with me, but the second I put it on I knew it must be mine. It is the perfect fall dress where you can still show off a little leg, but be nice and warm with the long sleeves. I've rolled them up for more of a relaxed look, but you can always keep them down for extra warmth. I've also added a belt to cinch in the waist, but it is so cute worn boxy as well. Definitely a staple piece for fall.

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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Can't Decide

 As you may be able to tell by this look -- I'm in a bit of a state of limbo with my seasons. I want it to still be summer, but it really feels like fall. I just can't seem to let go! And why should I? It technically is still summer, so I feel like I'm allowed to have palm trees on my shirt. It actually did warm up quite a bit in the afternoon and I was happy to take the sweater off to lie on the grass near the lake. It was a beautiful day and our last day in Whistler. This was actually our only trip up to Whistler this summer and I'm so glad we made it there just before the cold and snow start there. As I'm sure I've mentioned before -- I'm not a skier so the snow in Whistler is lost on me. Give me sunshine and the water any day over cold snow; thank you very much.

I was wearing:

Birkenstock Sandals

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Last of Summer

 I already miss summer so much! While everyone else is getting all excited for cold weather layers, I am sitting here shivering in my hoodie and uggs as I type this -- cursing the season that is fall. I really am a summer girl and at my best in the sunshine. I'm hoping that one day I will be able to live in a place that has warm weather year round! I would love that so much.

Like I mentioned in my last post, we went to Whistler for the weekend because Ollie was riding in the Grand Fondo. He finished with an amazing time and I couldn't be more proud of him. We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing with some drinks and good food, then walked to Lost Lake for an afternoon of lazing in the sun. It really was the most perfect last weekend of sunshine and I'm so glad we got out of the city for it. This week has started out a little stressful, but hopefully that will change for the second half of it. I've got a fun workshop this weekend at my yoga studio and I can't wait for all the positive vibes and inspiration I'll get from it. I'm hoping that it will help calm my nerves and get me through the next month of what I expect to be a period that will test my sanity. I'll let you know how it goes!

I was wearing:

Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Jacket & Jeans
Aritzia Top
Birkentock Sandals
Jack French London Bag
RayBan Sunglasses
JQ Vancouver Necklace

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Saturday, 12 September 2015


 Happy Weekend!! I'm pretty excited for today because Ollie is riding in the Grand Fondo up to Whistler. I'm so incredibly proud of him and can't wait to cheer him on at the finish line. And on that note -- I've got to get my butt in gear to make it there in time!

I hope you have an amazing weekend! xoxox

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