Thursday, 29 January 2015

Blogger Collab Preview

Hi guys! I just wanted to show you a little sneak peek of a blogger collaboration I did with Jessica Luxe and Jasmine from Posing in Vintage. I can't believe how talented the photographer, Iulia Agnew, is because I was feeling all kinds of awkward and unattractive that day, but she still managed to capture this gorgeous image. Can't wait to see the rest and share them with you!

I hope you have an amazing day! xoxo

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

4 Amazing Years

Today is mine and Ollie's 4 year anniversary and I honestly can't believe it! How can four years feel like no time at all, but be filled with some of my very best memories? I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Thank you so much more putting the hugest smile on my face every day and bringing so much happiness and fun into my life. Happy Anniversary babe!! xoxox

Monday, 26 January 2015

Chambray and Coated Denim

 I hope your week is off to a good start! I was finding it so hard to get motivated after having an amazing weekend, but I think I've found my groove now. I've got a lot of exciting things happening this week, so lots to look forward to!

Since I wasn't feeling super eager to leave the house, I decided to go with a look that would be casual, warm and completely unfussy. Actually, I think this is my method of dressing every single day lately, but it has been working for me so I'm going to go with it. It ended up being perfect because it was such a nice day so Ollie and I decided to go for a little walk along the water after having lunch together. We haven't been able to enjoy a day like this for ages because it's always raining whenever I go to meet him for lunch. I really love this city when the sun decides to come out.

I hope you have an amazing rest of your Monday! xoxo

Friday, 23 January 2015

Happy Friday!

TGIF! I've left this a little late and need to run out the door, but I hope you enjoy the photos! They are from earlier in the week when I met up with Ollie for lunch downtown. I've actually filmed a "get ready with me" for this look, so make sure to have a look once I've posted it! 

I hope you have an amazing Friday! xoxo

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Just Enough

 As you can see -- I really can't get enough of this hoodie. It is so perfect to layer under a lighter jacket for the perfect amount of warmth on a mild winter day. This combo has actually proven to be quite effective; a bunch of layers on top with a mini and tights, finished off with comfy boots, super warm socks, and a thick beanie. It kept me surprisingly warm!

I hope you have an amazing Wednesday! xoxo

Monday, 19 January 2015

Hoodie Love

 Happy Monday! I hope you had an amazing weekend. Ever since the New Year, I feel like my weekends have been zooming by way too quick. I just want to savor and really enjoy them but I feel like there's just so much to do! On Sunday, the weather was really quite mild, so a hooded sweater was all I needed for a little walk to Kits beach. Today is a whole other story, but luckily yesterday wasn't too bad at all.

I had bought this sweater in the after Christmas sales expecting to wear it non-stop and get a ton of use out of it. Then, I completely forgot about it and it sat in my closet for a few weeks before I brought it out yesterday. It is sooo soft and cozy -- I can't believe I hadn't used it before this! It also works as the perfect layer under a coat for those super chilly days (which you'll see in an upcoming post) so now I'm happy that it will finally get the wear that it deserves.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Weekend Casual

1. Prada Sunglasses // 2. Chan Luu Necklace // 3. Marc Jacobs Bag // 4. Whistles Parka // 5. T by Alexander Wang Tee // 6. Current Elliot Jeans // 7. Michael Kors Watch // 8. Acne Pistol Boots

I don't know about you, but ever since the holiday season has ended, all I have wanted to wear is my most comfortable clothes and shoes. More specifically -- I want to be warm and cozy while I'm achieving my resolution of getting outside more on these gloomy days. The most important thing is to have clothes that are warm enough -- like a great parka, relaxed soft jeans and, a kick-ass pair of comfortable boots. A hands-free bag is always a bonus and some awesome sunglasses for that low-lying sun (if you're lucky enough to see it where you live). This weekend, I think I'll be living in a variation of this look and I can't wait!