Wednesday, 7 August 2013


 It's always so hard to go back to the real world after the long weekend -- it seriously feels like such a shock to the system! Especially after such a fun and carefree weekend. Aaaahh... I just love summer...

And I love cute twirly dresses! I bought this dress while Ollie and I were in Australia and I just love the sheer top with the full skirt. A little revealing, but so adorable and girly that it keeps it at cute rather than sexy.  And I'm just not going to take these shoes off until summer is over. That's all. The decision is made.

Mika & Gala Dress
H&M Sandals
Botkier Bag

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  1. super cute outfit !
    visit my blog :

  2. Such a awesome dress! It really is the prefect LBD!

  3. Love the dress, a perfect LBD!
    Great look Alison.
    x Kirsty


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