Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Oysters on Saturday

Saturday night was super chilled -- drank some wine at a girlfriend's place and then went to Chewies Oyster Bar for  a glass of wine and some oysters with Ollie. Yum!! I love that place and am so happy to have discovered it right by my house. Now I don't have to go all the way to Yaletown and wait ages at Rodneys :)
I was really in the mood to get dressed up, so I decided to wear a bodycon dress and high ankle boots that I toned down with a loose sweater and scarf over top. This is my favorite sweater from Aritzia but I now have a pull in the back of it from a hook on my bra. If anyone knows of a way to get this fixed, I'm all ears!
It's still super cold in Vancouver so I still have to wear layers and tights so that I don't freeze to death. I can't wait for the spring weather that the rest of the world seems to be enjoying right now!

I was wearing

Aritzia Scarf
Aritzia Sweater
American Apparel Dress
Forever XX1 Leather Jacket
Zara Ankle Boots
H&M Envelope Clutch
Tarryl M Braclets
Michael Kors Bracelets
Forever XX1 necklace
H&M rings



  1. Thank you Veronica! I was just looking at your blog and your photos are amazing! Something to strive for :)


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