Thursday, 20 September 2012

Vancouver Fashion Week Day 1

We arrived at Vancouver Fashion Week quite late on the first day because of work, but we still managed to catch 4 shows (luckily they were running late!!). The 4 shows we saw were: Papillon, Trunk Show, Gert Johan Coetzee, and RG Sanchez. They were all so different from each other and beautiful in their own way. I'm going to quickly go through each show with the photos of my favourite looks from each. Ollie took some amazing photos so I hope you like them :)

Papillon was such a wearable collection. Super cute dresses in pretty colors and easy prints. The models were all so adorable as well. We arrived half way through this show so we only saw a couple of the dresses, but most of them looked like those dresses that you could easily throw on at a moment's notice -- those dresses that are imperative in every wardrobe.

Trunk Show by Misty Greer was a very unique and fun show. It was a mix of burlesque, circus, catsuits, and futuristic designs (I think there was even a bit of western and one dress had a beard!). The whole collection had a very "Pin Up" feel and the presentation was so much fun. I believe that some of the models were actually burlesque dancers, while others were truly models. Although it is definitely not my style, I really enjoyed the show.

Gert Johan Coetzee's collection was definitely from another world -- and by that I mean alien-like. Every piece was a combination of neon green and black and was very attention grabbing -- especially the ones with the flashing neon lights on them! It was a lot of fun, especially the neon green midi tulle skirt and the leather dress with the torso skeleton.

RG Sanchez was my favourite of the night. He is a Mexican designer and you can definitely see this come through in his pieces. I loved all of the bright colours, as well as his mix of embroidery, prints and stripes. I especially loved the open backs of all of the tops and dresses -- very sexy in a classy way. Near the end of the show, he switched from skirts to high-waist wide-legged pants and jumpsuits that had a very 70's feel, while maintaining his Mexican signature.

I was wearing:

Zara Top
Urban Outfitters Skirt
Colette Clutch
Zara Heels
Zara Necklace 

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  1. I just love what you are wearing! Red suits you well xx

  2. I like your red leather shirt.


  3. Great Post !

    Love your outfit so much it looks so beautiful!!!

    Instant follower here !

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  4. I love your top and skirt! And those heels are fabulous.


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  5. great pics
    i like your blog and follow you on bloglovin and lookbook

  6. Hey Nice Post
    1. I can totally see you rocking the b&w striped Trunk Show dress.
    2. Your fav collection was my least fav. I can't like the high waisted action, never been on board with that.
    3. The collection I liked was the black and neon green. It's prolly my penchant for leather tho. Those leather pants…Hells yes! And though I can't stand green of most shades- neon could be the second worst to olive- the rouched dress in the round up shot is so well made. Think of it in a jewel tone or blush rose…yep!
    4. Wish I could have been there.

  7. oh…also…is the necklace you were wearing part of the top or separate?

  8. Amazing outfit !! Looks great ! =)

  9. Nice pics! but love your look even more! xo, Alma

  10. Great photos and you look fantastic very chic!

  11. Ollie got some really fantastic photos! And your VFW outfit was great too :)

    xo, alison*elle

  12. What a great fashion show! Everything is so bright & fun!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  13. WOW! What else can I say?

    LOVE the color of that top!

  14. Like this burgundy top ! Is it leather ?


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