Monday, 24 September 2012

Vancouver Fashion Week Day 4

Day 4 of Vancouver Fashion Week was another amazing day. We caught all of the shows even though we were about an hour and a half late (we should have learned our lesson for Sunday because we stupidly showed up on time...). The shows were great and we had plenty of energy afterwards to go out for some fish tacos and drinks.

For the evening, I wore a bright blue peplum top and black shorts from Zara. I also wore my super high heels and it's a good thing I did because I was standing for a couple of shows before being seated. I could see over everyone's heads without issue (it's times like these when it's nice to be tall).

The shows that we saw were KOH T, Tramp in Disguise, Xsenia and Olya, Pola Thompson, Lava Woman, Sir Stan Studio, and Ha Song Beg. There was also a Korean Cultural Wedding Ceremony in the middle, but we'll pretend this didn't happen...

KOH T had some really cute shift dresses with pretty prints on them. I thought the white eyebrows looked sort of weird -- maybe it was one of those ideas that are good on paper...

Tramp in Disguise had a theme of blue and white -- using the same print in most items. I wasn't a huge fan of the print, but I did love the blue top with the cutouts on the sleeves in the first pic.

Xsenia and Olya had a theme of "liquid smoke". Their prints really did look like liquid smoke -- I only wish they had used the prints on the back of the dresses as well, instead of having a plain grey back. But, they did have my favourite look of the day -- I loved the blue blazer with the neon yellow hotpants. So cute!!

Pola Thompson had a theme of red, white and black. The style was loose fitting, flowing fabrics. The clothes looked amazing floating down the runway.

Lava Woman was the perfect pick-me-up after the endless Korean Ceremony. I loved her wild designs and the models acted the part perfectly. I especially loved the tigers jacket and the adorable little stars dress with the skull on the back :)

Sir Stan Studio had some really fun prints and quite a huge mix of pieces. I loved the polka dot cut out skirt and top.

Ha Sang Beg had a theme of belts, belts, and more belts. I loved the grunge look with the printed tees and shredded denim vests.

I was wearing:

Zara Top, Shorts, Heels and Clutch
Forever 21 Jacket
H&M Necklace
True Worth and XO Bella Bracelets

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  1. Oh my gosh! Your outfit is so sleek! Glad to have found your blog <3

    Colour Me Classic

  2. Love Love your outfit especially your shorts xx

  3. great fotos, great show!

  4. i love your outfit!

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    How would u feel about following each other?

  5. Your look is really perfect and color fits you so well! love the neon clutch too! xx


  6. Mm, the blazer/hotpants combo is the kind of thing I desperately want to find an excuse to wear in my day to day life. haha.

    I really like your top - its an amazing colour & good, structured shape that really goes with your haircut/colour.

  7. Great look! Loving the bright cobalt top and your clutch!


  8. Love what you wore! Al of the designs are gorgeous especially the polka dot ones!
    A's Fashion Files
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  9. I love the blue peplum top on you! also loved seeing some of vancouver's fashion talent. so awesome!

    xo danni

  10. I love your blog! So inspirational. And your style is so unique!


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