Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Fall Denim

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, wearing Forever 21 vegan leather jacket, American Apparel dress worn as top, Urban Outfitters chambray denim top, Zara boyfriend jeans, H&M black leather bag, Zara burgundy heels, True Worth Design Bracelets, Kenneth Cole watch

I am so happy that boyfriend jeans are sticking around for another season. I definitely wasn't ready to give these babies up. They are just way too comfy! And one of my favourite looks is to wear casual BF jeans with a cute pair of heels. It's a way to be super casual but the heels dress it up just enough. One of my favourite bloggers is Christine of Fash 'n Chips -- she's the queen of this look.

So for the "cute heels" element of the look, I decided to wear these burgundy beauties from Zara. They have somehow turned into my work shoes, but they really do deserve so much more. They have the perfect height of heel for everyday wear and are the most gorgeous colour. I feel so bad that I make them work all day with me in my boring corporate clothes. Maybe I'll keep them home with me for a little while and give them some adventures :)


Monday, 29 October 2012

Baroque Skirt

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, Wearing Aritzia boyfriend blazer, American Apparel Dress worn as top, Zara baroqu print skirt in hunter green, Zara black booties, Zara black bag, True worth design crystal pendant necklace and bracelets, Givenchy bracelet

This skirt really reminds me of a beautiful and heavy set of curtains -- in a good way of course! This is the same skirt that I wore on my 100th post (here) and I think it has such a different personality when we aren't playing around in the golden fields. This look almost feels school-girl like to me and maybe even a little preppy. I suppose this blazer has the tendency to have that effect with most outfits, considering the carved gold buttons and the striped lining that shows when the sleeves are rolled. I actually bought this blazer from Aritzia a few years ago and they still carry it in there. I guess it's one of those items that has stayed in style :)

Looking at these photos is really reminding me that my tan has fast become old news. I miss that thing! I refuse to go to the tanning salon, so I will be gradually getting more and more ghostly as the months go (yes, I do become more pale that this!). This eliminates a whole colour palette from my wardrobe, but luckily black will always be my friend and tights will hide my pale legs!


Saturday, 27 October 2012

Boxy Tweed Coat

Isn't it so nice to take a random day off of work? Just knowing that everyone else is doing the same old routine, but you have the freedom to do whatever you like. This is exactly what I did on Thursday and it was wonderful! I had a little sleep-in, worked on the blog, went to meet Ollie for lunch and ran a few errands. Nothing extra-ordinary, but it was exactly the recharge that I needed.

These photos were taken during our lunch, at the top of Stanley Park. We only had about 5 minutes to get these in, but I really wanted to show you my new coat from Topshop! I was looking for something that was nice and over-sized, with a bit of colour that could go with pretty much anything. I found this one and have been wearing it pretty much every day since. It is so comfy and I love the boxy shape of it. Maybe not the most figure flattering of all shapes, but boxy tops always make the legs look much leaner, and who wouldn't want that? Plus, I'm super obsessed with menswear inspired pieces right now and thought this would be a simple way to incorporate it into my wardrobe.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! xoxox


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Burgundy Lips

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, wearing MAC Diva burgundy lipstick, American Apparel Lace Nylon Dress worn as a top, Bluejuice vegan leather skirt from Seduce, Metal plate necklace from Seduce, Zara spiked heels, Colette black clutch and Givenchy Bracelet

I keep seeing burgundy lips posted all over the internet and am really loving the look. I've had MAC Diva sitting in my kit for ages and haven't brought it out because of a rude remark. One day, while at work, a random man came up to my till, had one look at me and told me he thought my lipstick was ugly. I was wearing "Diva" and have never worn it since. But I got to thinking... he really wasn't the happiest of men and I'm sure he was the sort that doesn't like any makeup on his women, so I probably wouldn't have won him over with anything that I had decided to wear on that particular day. Isn't it funny how a rude comment from one random person can stick with you for so long? I'm sure these people don't give a second thought to it and we shouldn't either. (Plus, they usually don't know what they are talking about.. or are slightly crazy -- I mean who says stuff like that to total strangers?)

So, I decided to give "Diva" another go and am so happy that I did! I love the way that it gives a whole new dimension to this look -- so much more glamorous with a bit of burgundy lippy. I kept it quite subtle by using a brush and layering it on very lightly. You can keep adding layers until you get your desired effect, but this way you get a much more even appearance. There's nothing worse that awkwardly caked on dark lipstick... (has the tendency to make one look slightly insane)

We've been playing around with shooting indoors and clearly are far from perfecting it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to avoid a huge shadow? I suppose we have another 8 months to figure it out, but any tips would be greatly appreciated!


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Instagram Love

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson

Ollie has been working like a crazy man (meaning no new photos), so I thought I would take this opportunity to do a little Instagram recap. If you aren't already aware, I am a complete Instagram addict. I get upset when I no longer have a new feed of images and am constantly on the hunt for new and fun accounts to follow. So please, let me know your user names so that I can find you on there!

My user name is STYLINGMYLIFE and I would love for you to follow me :)

I hope you have an amazing Wednesday and I will have another outfit post asap. xoxox


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Chambray and Leather

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, wearing Forever 21 black vegan leather jacket, chambray Urban Outfitters button-up top, Urban Outfitters black bodycon skirt, Anne Klein black moto boots, black leather Zara bag, Seduce neckalce and skull bead bracelets

I really can't get enough of these fall settings. I was completely dreading fall because along with the change in season come the rain and the cold and the rain and the rain. But now, suddenly I remember how gorgeous fall can really be. Just look at all of these beautiful leaves!

But honestly, the rain really does come along with fall. We had pretty much the worst weather luck possible yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny morning, so we decided to check out the new Topshop/Topman yesterday (which, by the way, is absolutely fantastic) and then take some photos. It started raining the second that we got to the park and got worse and worse so that we gave up and the second that we started driving away, the rain completely stopped... Same thing happened at night, but with a cab situation rather than photos and I swear it was one big cruel joke. If I was God or Mother Nature (or whoever decides the weather...) I think I would mess with people like that too. Some good Saturday night entertainment :)

Luckily, you really can't tell that it was raining in these photos. And the good thing about taking photos under all of these trees is that it provides some decent shelter from the rain. I could have used a pair of tights to keep me a bit warmer,  but I think the look works much better without them (and tights are just so uncomfortable.)

I hope you had an amazing weekend!! xoxox


Friday, 19 October 2012

Colours of Fall

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchisnon, wearing Urban Outfitters tan pleather jacket, Guess by Marciano Black cowl neck sweater, Paige Premium Denim dark wash jeans, Urban Outfitters black suede booties, Michael Kors bag, Tiffany and Pyrrha necklaces. Photos taken in Stanley Park

Sometimes I just need a little reminder of how beautiful Vancouver is and I fall in love all over again. Ollie has been suggesting that we take photos in Stanley park for, like, ever and I finally thought "hey, why not?" I'm such a Scrooge when it comes to anything that involves inconvenient parking, busy traffic, or (worst of all) pay parking; so I've been avoiding this little slice of paradise for years. Now I can see how foolish I've been. And what's a $2 parking fee really going to hurt? Actually, I'm still resentful about that -- I seriously hate paying for parking in public parks...

But let's focus on the amazing colours! Isn't fall such a beautiful time of year? I love all of the leaves on the ground. I was so tempted to run and play in the leaves, but I wasn't allowed to move because It was too dark and I would have been blurry in the photos... So, I'm waiting patiently until the weekend so that we can go back and I can get my fill of kicking and tossing those leaves around to my heart's content. I can't wait!

It feels like ages since I've worn jeans and to be perfectly honest, I remember them keeping me a lot warmer. I think I'm liking tights and skirts a little more right now because I was absolutely freezing while taking these photos. Plus, skirts are just so cute! I might change my mind once it gets really cold out, but for now I'm a skirt girl. (unless it's boyfriend jeans -- I love those things!!)


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Signed By Scarlett

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, wearing Sugarlips Signed by Scarlet red and black dress, Zara wide-brimmed black hat, Forever 21 black pleather jacket, Seduce metal collar neckace, Zara high heel black ankle boots, Colette Black Clutch

We've had some trial and error, but I think we have finally figured out a way to get some photos in the rain! I'm pretty sure this was the ultimate test because it was pouring on Sunday. We found a great spot by the water that is covered over but open enough that it still lets in tons of light. It turns out that everyone else knows of this spot as well because there were a bunch of people camped out under the overhang, hoping that the rain would pass. It didn't, so they hung out and watched as we took the photos :)

So, the tights have come out... I've been dreading this unavoidable day, but luckily they go so well with this pretty red and black dress that I don't even mind! This item is a new gift from the wonderful people at Sugarlips and I'm so in love with it. It's hard to tell in photos, but it's a gorgeous textured fabric that is a bit thicker than your average material. It's going to be so perfect for the upcoming holiday season -- the perfect colour for it too! I was very tempted to twirl in this full skirt (it really would be perfect for it) but last time I attempted this, Ollie got a camera full of shots in rapid succession of me mooning him! I wasn't willing to risk it this time, seeing as there were so many couples and small children around. Could have gotten a little awkward...

And yes, I realized that I haven't really taken this hat off since I bought it, but it's just the most perfect thing for this weather. It keeps my head warm, dry, and unfrizzed. And it looks great with everything! I think I might need to get another style so that you don't get too sick of it :)


Monday, 15 October 2012

A Day At The Races

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, wearing Zara Black wide-brimmed hat, RW & Co navy blue trench coat, Zara pink knit sweater, Urban Outfitters black bodycon skirt, Zara black suede booties, Zara black tights, Essie 5th Avenue red nailpolish at Hastings Racetrack
What do you do on a dark and dreary Saturday? Go to the races! My brother and his girlfriend had the brilliant idea of getting a box at the horse races on Saturday and it was so much fun. We spent the day eating greasy food, drinking wine out of plastic cups and cheering the horses on. I think we came out $15 on top and it was fantastic! I can't claim to be the most knowledgeable or talented better, seeing as I always go for the prettiest horse, or the one wearing pink... but it seems that you can always rely on the name.Turns out the cutest name almost always wins :) 

I hope you had an amazing weekend! xoxo

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Black Maxi

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, wearing Zara black hat, maxi skirt, nude knit, black suede booties, black and red woven necklace; H&M black leather bag, True Worth Design and XO Bella skull bead bracelets, and Givenchy Bracelet

Now, this is the fall we know in Vancouver -- rain and lots of it. It's such a shock to the system after all that beautiful sunshine, but like true Vancouverites, we will get used to it in no time. The only problem is that now we're not sure how to shoot my looks while it's raining and dark. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would love to hear them!

We took these photos on Thursday when it had clouded over, but the rain hadn't quite started yet. I have since discovered that this hat is so perfect for the rain because it stops my hair from getting all frizzy (if I decide to straighten it -- unlike these photos...) at the same time that it blocks the rain. I love it! And the skirt is just about the comfiest thing in the world. I wore it to work and felt like I was wearing PJs all day. You can't get much comfier than that :)


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Studded Burgundy

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, wearing Urban Outfitters studded shoulder burgundy top, bodycon black mini skirt, suede black boots, H&M pink and gold bag, True Worth Design clear quartz crystal pendant necklace, XO Bella skull bead bracelets

Well, the weather has officially turned to fall today. No more warm weather, but luckily we took these photos over the weekend when it was still gorgeous out. I think this might be my last warm weather shoot and it's already making me feel nostalgic. I miss summer!

These photos were taken at Gonzales Beach, which is close to where my parents live in Victoria. We went for a walk there on Sunday before having our Thanksgiving dinner. I love this area of Victoria, so beautiful and quiet, even though it's right outside of the downtown core. I think this is the best thing about Victoria -- you don't need to go too far for a bit of peace and quiet.

Earlier in the day, we went for lunch with Tarryl and her sister and this is what I wore. It was so warm sitting on the patio in the sun, so I wanted to wear a skirt and loose top. I brought fall into the look with my Urban Outfitters boots and it was the perfect amount of summer vs. fall for the day. I hope you like the photos!


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

100 Posts!

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, wearing Kookai nude top, H&M necklace, Zara forest green mini skirt, Urban Outfitters black suede boots, XO Bella and True Worth Design bracelets, H&M pink and gold bag

This entry marks my 100th post! I can't believe how quickly it's gone and how much fun it has been. I wasn't too sure of what to expect when I first started, but I honestly can't wait to do another 100 :)

These photos were taken at Mount Tolmie in Victoria and I really love the way they've turned out. The whole mountain was this beautiful golden colour and I love the way that the sun was beaming through the trees. Such a magical setting.

We knew that we were looking for an area with some beautiful fall colours, so I chose to wear a forest green skirt and neutral top. The boots were a must for the uneven ground and these ones seem to go with pretty much anything, so I bring them out whenever I know that there will be a lot of walking.

I hope you like the photos and thank you so much for all of your support! The interactions with other bloggers and supporters really does make all the difference.


Sunday, 7 October 2012


Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, wearing H&M pink and purple floral dress, Zara black wide-brimmed hat, H&M black leather cross-body bag, Zara high heel boots, True Worth Design crystal pendant

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! We're having an amazing long weekend visiting my family and friends in Victoria. I really can't believe how gorgeous and warm it is -- it feels like the end of Spring!

I'm really happy that it was so nice out because I was able to wear this gorgeous dress from H&M. It reminds me of the beautiful pieces that I keep seeing from Clover Canyon and was so excited when I found it. I bought it without trying it on and luckily it fits perfectly. I also have a new obsession with this hat! I've never been a hat person, but I honestly want to wear this one everyday. I think it gives such a ladylike feel to the look and I love it :)


Thursday, 4 October 2012


I hope everyone is having an amazing week! Ollie has been sick, so we haven't been up to too much, but he's much better now. We're really looking forward to the weekend because it's a long one in Canada! We're going to visit my family for the Thanksgiving holiday and see some friends that we haven't seen in far too long. I can't wait!

We had to work quite late but still really wanted to take photos, so we ended up snapping a few after Ollie finished his work downtown. I think we're going to have to find some spots that are good in the dark anyway, so this is good practice for the coming months.

This outfit is exactly what I wore to work today. Actually, I was wearing heels but had left them at work, so this is what I walked to work in. It's quite boyish, but I seem to be dressing like a boy at work lately -- probably because I'm ultra girly the rest of the time :)


Monday, 1 October 2012

September Looks

Vancouver Fashion Blogger wearing Sugarlips Polo Dress, Zara Neon Clutch, Zara Nude Wedges, Forever 21 Leather Jacket, Cue Sheer Top, XO Bella Mint Skirt, Urban Outfitters Boots, Green Top, Seduce Necklace, Leather Skirt, Snakeskin Clutch
Vancouver Fashion Blogger wearing Black Zara Dress, Kookai Studded Belt, Zara Blue Shoes, H&M Snakeskin Clutch, Urban Outfitter Boyfriend Blazer, Zara Neon Pink Knit, Urban Outfitters Bodycon Skirt, Booties, Zara Blue Peplum Top, Zara Black Shorts, Neon Clutch, Platform Heels
Vancouver Fashion Blogger wearing Zara Red Leather Top, Urban Outfitters Black Bodycon Skirt, Studded Heels, Black Clutch, Forever 21 pleather jacket, Kookai Studded Belt, H&M Black leather bag, Sportsgirl Sneaker Wedges, Bluejuice Neon Stripe Top, Leather Skirt, Zara Boots
Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, wearing Kookai white top, zara white denim jeans, sam edelman crocodile shoes, h&m pink and gold bag, H&M blue striped top, Urban Outfitters Peplum Skirt, Urban Outfitters Nude Leather Jacket, Sportsgirl Sneaker Wedges, True Worth Design Key Necklace, Aritzia Floral Blazer, XO Bella Pink Shift Dressm Zara Black Heels

I thought I would try something new and begin doing a recap of my looks each month. I love seeing this on other blogs because I get to see all of the looks that I missed throughout the month in one shot. It looks like September was the month of dresses and skirts -- I think next month we will be seeing a lot more pants and tights :)

Which one is your favourite? I would love to hear your opinions!!
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