Friday, 30 November 2012

A Few of My Favourite Things

I had a pretty rough day at work today (gotta love customer service) so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show you some of my favourite things! Also, by doing this I remind myself of some little things that make me smile :)

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I used to love this coat so much. Then, one day I brought it to the dry cleaner and they shrunk a good inch and a half off the sleeves. I've never been able to look at it the same way since, but now I'm realizing I may have been a little too hard on the poor thing. It's not my coat's fault that the dry cleaner didn't know what they were doing and really, the coat fits ok -- just not as perfect as before. Also, I have a new found love for it because I didn't realize that you could see the leopard print lining! How fun is that? I always knew it was there, but I thought it was hidden from the world. I love the new perspective these photos have brought to this old coat of mine :)

Monday, 26 November 2012

Oversized Sweater

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, wearing XO Bella oversized grey maxi sweater, grey bodycon mini skirt from Urban Outfitters. Anne Klein black biker boots, H&M opal statement necklace, H&M black leather bag, Danier Black leather gloves, Versace sunglasses, and Kenneth Cole watch
This weekend flew by so quickly. I can't believe it's already Monday. I actually had those moments on both Saturday and Sunday, where you wake with a start because you think it's a work day and the alarm didn't go off. I hate that feeling, but there is nothing better than the moment that you realize that it's the weekend and you don't need to get up at all. In fact, you can sleep all day if you like. And this happened twice! Definitely a good weekend. I'm hoping the week goes just as quickly because next weekend is my birthday!!

I can finally check a grey oversized sweater off my list! This amazingly comfy and cozy sweater was another great score from Black Friday. And this is the last of it, but thankfully this year I kept myself under control and only bought a couple of things that I will actually love and wear repeatedly. I'm getting much better at sales -- I used to buy things just because they were a great deal, only to have them sit in my closet until I eventually gave them away. Now, I ask myself whether I would be willing to buy it at full price. If the answer is yes, then I gladly scoop it up at the sale price. If the answer is no, then I let it go :)

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Paradise City

So, how was the Black Friday shopping?? The things that I had my eye on weren't on sale (of course) but I did manage to get a couple of things in town. I love that Vancouver got into the holiday spirit and decided to put on a Black Friday of its very own. I'm actually wearing 2 of the items today! One is this super fun Guns N' Roses tee and the other is this spiked bag. The bag was only $10! I just love sales so much :)

Since buying the top, I've had alternating Guns N' Roses songs stuck in my head. Luckily, I love this band so I don't mind one bit. It's actually kept a perma smile on my face and that's always a good thing. The most prominent has been Paradise City -- I always picture the scene in Can't Hardly Wait when the nerdy guy was loaded and singing it. Classic.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

White Lace Black Leather

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, wearing Forever 21 black leather jacket, Club Monaco black maxi sweater, Aritzia white lace dress, Anne Klein black leather boots, True Worth Design crystal pendant necklace, and bead bracelets, Stella and Dot Renegade Cluster bracelet, Givenchy bangle, and MAC Diva lipstick

I hope all of my American friends are having an amazing Thanksgiving! I love American Thanksgiving because it means Black Friday! I can't wait for all of the sales. I've got my favourite items already picked out and my fingers crossed that they are marked down on this magical day. Thank God for online shopping :)

So, about this look. I have to be perfectly honest -- I'm not super in love with this one. It's one of those outfits that looks fantastic in front of the mirror, but not so great once you look at the photos later. Today's lesson is to always take a practice shot before leaving the house. But I had all of these photos, and I actually love the photos themselves, so I thought I would post a couple of them to get your opinions! What do you think?


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Black & Tan

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, wearing Urban Outfitters Tan vegan leather jacket and black beenie, American Apparel white v-neck tshirt, Zara black wax coated denim jeans, Zara leopard print booties, H&M black leather bag, Tiffany, Pyrrha, and La Dama Necklaces; Stella&Dot, True Worth Design, and XO Bella bracelets

This was a last minute -- we're running to get Thai for lunch because we're starving, but let's take a couple of photos on the way-- look. It's a super casual look and one of my favourite "throw-it-on-and-go" outfits that is pretty much fool-proof. Except that it's getting a bit too cold for this one, so I think I'll have to switch the jacket for a heavier coat. We got a couple of shots in before the rain started up once again, and luckily they looked alright!

Hope you have an amazing Tuesday! xoxo

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Perfect Timing

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, wearing Topshop boxy tweed coat, black sweater dress, Urban Outfitters Toque Beenie, Zara black leather bag, Via Spiga black leather riding boots

I love when things work out with perfect timing. The weekend has been a super gloomy one in Vancouver (surprise, surprise), but we really lucked out yesterday when we went for a walk down to the water to take photos. The sky cleared just where the sun was setting and it was absolutely breathtaking. I love moments like this -- when you accidentally have the most perfect timing.

It has been super chilly, so I was completely bundled up for this one. This is more reminiscent of what I would wear if I knew that I would be spending some time outside, or walking to work in the morning. For photos, I have been tending to take off a layer or two so that the photos look better, but I was so cold yesterday that I just wanted to wear something that would keep me warm.

These boots are my saviours during the winter. I walk about 30 minutes to and from work everyday, so I need something comfortable that will keep me warm and dry. I bought these on sale last winter and they have been one of my best purchases ever. The leather has kept nice and stiff even through countless rainy days, so they don't slouch or crease in funny places. Always a nice thing :)

I hope you've had an amazing weekend! xoxo

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Blending In

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, wearing Forever 21 pleather jacket, Zara forest green top, True Worth Design crystal pendant necklace, Urban Outfitters black bodycon skirt, H&M snakeskin envelope clutch, Zara black suede booties, Danier black leather gloves
Aren't crisp winter days the most beautiful thing? I love this time of year, when the leaves have almost all fallen off the trees and we are left with this almost haunted look in the forests. Ollie and I found this gorgeous path with a stone wall that was surrounded by a dense forest and gorgeous old homes. I love Victoria for this reason -- you never know what you'll find in the next street. 

I wanted to wear some rich dark colours with the forest green top as the main character, but I'm afraid I've gone and blended into the scenery. I hope you don't mind -- I just couldn't pass up this gorgeous location!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Burgundy and Stripes

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, wearing H&M burgundy hat, Forever 21 pleather jacket, Urban Outfitters chambray denim top, H&M blue and white striped top, H&M burgundy skinny jeans, Zara black leather bag, Sportsgirl brown sneakers wedges, True Worth Design, Tiffany, Pyrrha, and La Dama necklaces
Having family and friends on Vancouver Island means quite a bit of travelling back and forth on the ferry. It really is the most beautiful scenery throughout the crossing, but I find the trip to be quite lengthy and uncomfortable after having done it so many times. I always want to be as warm and comfortable as possible, but still stylish because I almost always run into someone that I know. There's almost nothing that I hate more than running into an old acquaintance and looking like I just rolled out of bed -- so embarrassing and has happened one too many times for me to ever let it happen again.

So, in order to keep warm and cozy, I pile on the layers. I was wearing 4 layers on this particular day (the 4th is under the striped top). The hat helps a lot with the warmth and comes in super handy as an eye mask for when you want to have a little snooze. The sneaker wedges are my new favourite travel shoes because they keep my feet warm and are so comfortable for all of the walking. It's really the same formula that I use whenever flying as well :)

So now it's back to work after a relaxing long weekend. This is always the hardest part, but at least we know it's only a four day week ahead (at least in Canada -- sorry rest of the world). I hope you enjoy your Tuesday! xoxo

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Preppy Style

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, wearing teal blue sweater, striped blue Zara button-up, Bluejuice vegan leather skirt, Zara leopard print boots, Zara black leather bag, tiffany, pyrrha and La Dama necklaces
This might seem funny to some, but this preppy style is so out of the norm for me. All day, I felt like people were looking at me funny because of the way I was dressed -- as if I was wearing the craziest thing imaginable. To be honest, I actually got quite a few compliments on this look so this is why I decided to photograph it and now that I look at the photos, it's really a very regular outfit. Isn't it so funny the way we build these sorts of things up in our heads? I learned 2 things from this look: preppy is not my thing and fashion risks mean very different things to different people.

The things that I do really love about this outfit are the leather skirt and the leopard print boots. I could wear these 2 items every single day! This bag I do use pretty much everyday, so it's a keeper as well. And teal is my very favorite colour, so anything in this hue makes me feel happy all day.

I hope you like my "preppy look" and we should all respect the people that do dress in this style because the sweater over the button-up might just be the most uncomfortable look there is (I was adjusting and rearranging that sweater all day!)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Leopard and Burgundy

I love when weeks just zoom by. I really feel like this week is so much shorter than most and it is hugely appreciated. Last night, we celebrated my amazing friend Tarryl's birthday (from True Worth Design) and it is always such a nice treat whenever I get to see her. Also, I got the best news because I think she's moving back to Vancouver! Can't get much better than that.

Ollie and I have been spending most evenings indoors to avoid the rain, but went out on Tuesday to watch Looper -- such a good movie!  I decided to wear my new leopard print boots with my burgundy jeans so that I could be nice and comfy for sitting in the theatre. Such an easy outfit, but the boots instantly make everything so much more fun! I swear they go with pretty much everything and are so comfortable. I hope you like them because you'll be seeing a lot more of them :)


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Plaid and Coated Denim

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, wearing Aritzia  red plaid flannel top, Zara wax coated denim pants, Zara spiked leather heels, Tiffany, La Dama and Pyrrha Necklaces, True Worth design and Givenchy Bracelets. Michael Kors Bag, and Kenneth Cole Watch
If yesterday was my Parisian look, I suppose today is all-out Canadian. Might as well represent my true national pride, right? I grew up in a logging town, so I think this plaid flannel top is more than fitting. I really hadn't planned my posts this way but the second that I was uploading the photos, I realized that I had a little theme going. I wonder what nationality I should do tomorrow...

I bought this top from Aritzia a couple of years ago and it's one of my favourite items. I feel slightly nostalgic whenever I put it on because I was wearing it in my very favourite photo of Ollie and I. It always reminds me of this and puts a smile on my face :)

I hope your week is off to a good start! I'm pretty sure this extra hour of sleep really has no effect once Monday hits, but it's nice to have that little bit of extra sun in the morning. Have a happy Tuesday!


Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sweet November Rain

Vancouver Fashion Blogger, Alison Hutchinson, wearing H&M burgundy hat, H&M Striped Knit Sweater, Urban Outfitters black bodycon mini skirt, Zara black booties, Zara black leather bag with chain straps, Tiffany heart necklace, Michael Kors mens watch, True Worth Design bead bracelets, Givenchy cuff bracelet
I feel so Parisian in this look. I'm sure it's my clumsy Canadian version and is far from the real thing, but something about the simplicity of the look -- the stripes with the black -- makes me feel this way. I can picture myself walking down the street and looking into all the pretty little shops and cafes while eating my macarons, but the reality is that I'm hiding under an overhang to keep out of the rain... the sweet November rain...

And considering the reality of my location, I think this burgundy hat might be my best new purchase. It has already saved me from the rain twice and I only bought it yesterday. First, I had to stop and get groceries on the way home from H&M and it was pouring out. I wouldn't have had enough hands for an umbrella, so I took the hat out of the shopping bag and used that instead. The second time was today during photos. My hair frizzes up the second I walk out the door into the rain, so this hat allowed a second set of photos in one day (quite the necessity now that we've changed the clocks back). So really, hats are like hands-free umbrellas! How had I not discovered this earlier?

I hope you've had an amazing weekend and enjoy that extra hour of sleep! I know I will :)


Friday, 2 November 2012

October Looks

October was a very strange month weather-wise. Looking at these photos, I realize how drastically it has changed. We started out with summer temperatures and non-stop sunshine, then suddenly it switched to winter temperatures with non-stop rain. Mother Nature, you are such a tease... but I can't complain -- it was such a treat to have summer in October (even if just for the first week).

I hope you like my looks from October. Which one is your favourite? I would love to hear your opinions!!
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