Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Snow Day

How is everyone's week going? I'm glad it's already hump day. The days are definitely dragging, but at the same time, the week is already half over! Looking at these photos is making me want the weekend back so bad. It's a bit of torture, really... It's not much of a fashion post, but this is the super fashionable look that I threw together as someone that does not own proper snow gear (except the snow pants -- I actually had those in my closet!)

On Sunday, Ollie and I went snowshoeing with a couple of our friends and their teeny adorable baby. I had never been before and I can't believe that I hadn't! I'm not a skier or a snowboarder, so I'm really happy to have discovered a way that I can actually enjoy the snow -- especially since I live in Canada and it surrounds us. The best part was all of the beautiful scenery. I could have spent all day wandering around and taking photos :)

I was wearing:

Zara Jacket
Zara Scarf
XO Bella Sweater
Versace Sunglasses

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  1. beautiful pictures!!!! kisses

  2. Looks like you were having an amazing time in the snow! Love your coat :)

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  3. This makes me so excited for my February cross country ski trip! I like the snow so much better than rain so I'm not sure why I moved from Edmonton to Victoria.

  4. fine look :))

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  5. Wow, you do really have a lot of snow there! And you look great, I`m sure you had much fun!
    xx Katja

  6. I don't skii or snowboard either, so I'll definitely have to try snowshoeing! Also, that third photo is absolute snowy magic!

    Good thoughts from Washington, D.C.,

    x Stephanie of Stylesmiths

  7. Where did you go snowshoeing? I haven't been in years but I've been trying to talk my boyfriend into taking me when I move back to Vancouver :)

    xo, alison*elle

  8. Wow! Oh the pictures are so great! I wish we had snow where I live (minus the cold of course) :)..

    Have a great week ahead! kisses!
    Best, zia!

  9. amazing photos!love your outfit is warm and stylish!thanks for your comment!many kisses!

  10. Wow!! Love snow and you snowy outfit :)

    With love, Egle Ge {HideInSugar}

  11. Oh my goodness these pictures are so gorgeous! I've never seen so much snow. I live in the South and we only get snow once every 5 years...


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  12. Looks very cool and appropiate!


  13. These photos are so gorgeous! I've never been snowshoeing but it really looks like a lot of fun!! I'm a snowboarder myself but we didn't find time at all last year to go and this year we haven't found time yet either! I hope the season doesn't get away from us again...these photos are really making me miss it!

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  14. You look gorgeous! These are the perfect winter photos :)

  15. Beautiful pics!!! You look gorgeous!! xoxo

  16. wow, perfect post! lovely pics!

  17. WOWOWO- look at that snow!!!! Looks like you are having soooo much fun And love your ski jacket outfit!!! u r sooooo cool! and those trees are MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!! Just gorgeous! Stay warm babe!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  18. Snowshoeing looks awesome, and your photos are amazing. Love the snow on your jacket. So glad you have found something to enjoy the snow. I'm a snowboarder so love the snow!
    x Kirsty

  19. looks like a fun day! I love your big puffy jacket, haha I have yet done anything to do with snow here... you make me want to go out and tobogan though!

  20. absolutely great winter outfit :-) warm and full of fashion.
    you have interesting blog . I am your new follower :-)

  21. I feel ya honey- for some reason I'm not quite as excited about this new year than the last. I always wait for February (Chinese New Year) when I get a second chance for first resolutions ;D

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such awesome feedback- hope to see you back soon!
    Happy New Year sweets!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  22. Fabulous shots!!!! Well done! Nice post, thank you for share! Also thank you so incredibly much for the comment you'd left on my blog:) Check out my new post, if you have some time;)

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  23. Love the photos! Looks so much fun with your fur coat!:) Have a great day!

    xx pauline

  24. You definitely made snowgear fashionable! I've always wondered how to improve my snowboarding wear, but it's definitely more difficult than I thought. This is perfect! I love the fur-lined hood and the draped scarf.

    PS. Happy New Year :)


  25. Everything's soooo awesome....the shots, the outfit, the snow, the backdrop!!! Happy to have found your blog!!!


  26. Alison!! Oh my God, this look like winter paradise. Great pics girl, thanks so much for sharing!
    Sending love and peace.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


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