Tuesday, 9 April 2013

First Sight of Fiji

I've finally started going through my Fiji photos and I feel like I've been transported back to the beautiful beaches, warm weather, and amazing sunsets.
I can't even describe how perfect our holiday was at Matamanoa Island. It was too good to be true even from the very beginning. On our way to the island, we had a pod of dolphins swimming next to the boat -- showing off and doing back-flips and playing with each other. When we arrived at the island, there were 2 delicious drinks waiting for us and the world's friendliest staff singing us a beautiful welcome song. We went to the room to get changed and as we came out to take a walk on the beach, the sun was just beginning to set. I've never seen sunsets like this. Each night, it would begin as a bright yellow, then move to orange, pink, red and finally a vibrant purple. The Fijians are very lucky people because they are treated to this every night. I don't think I could ever get enough of it. I'm blissed out just thinking of it...

I was wearing:

Shell Necklace from Matamanoa Island

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  1. What a beautiful spot to end your holiday Alison!
    Love the pics. Claire :)

  2. amazing pictures!


  3. Wow, this looks incredible! I can't believe how close you were to a dolphin!



  4. Dude! Those pics are gorg! That last one is just stunning! Your live-in photographer is really coming into his own. And wee dolphins! Jelly.
    Oh and you're beautiful too of course. xox

  5. WOW, those are such breathtaking photos. Almost like I was there! I wish!! LOL. Thanks for sharing. I've always wanted to go to Fiji and these photos just make me want to go even more! Looks like you had a great time xo

  6. Okay, I think I might have told you before that I think you look like a blonde version of Evangeline Lilly. Did you ever watch LOST? These pictures of you on the beach make me think I'm watching the show! You look so gorgeous!!


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  7. Looks amazing! Great photos!

  8. wow! breathtaking views! You are luck to have had the opportunity to experience this! Gorgeous photos and you look beautiful!

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  9. wow!!! these are breath taking pictures!!!! you're making me jealous with all the beach, water and nice weather!!! aaahhh!!

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  10. Looks like paradise! I LOVE that first picture of you...perfection.

  11. WOW! Fiji looks amazing! It is going on my list!
    Great photos the sunset looks magic!
    x Kirsty

  12. Wow great pics !! looks like you had so much fun !:)
    These dolphins are jusr too cute!
    Your blog is so interesting - I am a new follower:)
    thanks for stopping by !-gameofglam.blogspot.co.il

  13. Looking fabulous girl! Have fun in Fiji!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


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