Thursday, 9 May 2013

That Skort

That's right, I own it too! Every season there is that one item that every blogger seems to gravitate towards and this skort from Zara is definitely it for spring 2013.
It's funny the way this happens -- it's not like everyone discusses it beforehand. I suppose it's one of those things that looks amazing on everyone (it really is sooo flattering to the legs) and it goes with pretty much everything! At first I wasn't too thrilled about the fact that it was a skort and not a skirt, but then I went shopping in it and saw a whole other side to this brilliant creation. Trying on shoes is a whole other game in this thing. No worries about flashing everyone in the store and no worries about your skirt getting all twisted when you don't have any hands free to fix it. I really do love it. And it's finally warm enough that I can actually wear it outside! I love summer :)

I was wearing:

Zara Top
Zara Skort
Guess Heels (in black here)
J.Crew Necklace (love this one)

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  1. So funny... in my feed your post actually shows up a few posts away from another blogger wearing the same skort and talking about how it's the official blogger piece of the season (it so is!) Clearly I'm missing out!

    xo, alison*elle

  2. You may have just persuaded me on the skort subject. I remember when skorts were super popular - back in my high school days. And then they fell off, and there was no way I would put one on. But this one is pretty cute, and considering the problems I have acting like a lady in skirts - skorts might be right up my alley.

    So i guess I'm adding a skort to my Summer list. ;)
    You look gorg too, love that necklace.


  3. I really love the simplicity of the outfit! specially the skort!

  4. Yes, the skort is really something! Amazing outfit!!!!!

  5. you look awesome! love your top!

  6. Love this look on you! The skort is awesome and would be a dream to shop in. I have to wait a lot of months now until I can wear something fun like them!
    x Kirsty

  7. ove the look!! The skirt is soooooo beautiful; it's like origami ;-)

    I invite you to my blog, I hope you like it.

  8. I love your look, you styled it so well!


  9. Hello! Our team at TBL loves your style and reviewed your look in our article "The infamous Zara skOrt"!
    You can read the full article here
    We hope you enjoy it!


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