Monday, 8 July 2013

Instagram Love

 Oh Monday, you always sneak right up on us! It's so hard to go back to work after such a beautiful weekend. And it was so gorgeous today too!
It was definitely one of those days of looking out the window and day dreaming of being at the beach. It got us straight to planing next weekend to make sure we get the most of these amazing days.

Since it has been so beautiful, there is so much more to instagram! I though I would do a little recap since I haven't done one in a while. If you're not following me yet, make sure you do! You can find my profile under @StylingMyLife or by clicking here!

Loving the beautiful summer days and nights
(1.Enjoying the view at our cabin/ 2.Gorgeous sunset in kits/ 3.Best beach dress by Brandy Melville)
Amazing summer sunsets and starry nights
(1.Sunset near Granvile Island/ 2.Making hearts in the night/ 3.Ollie and the Milky Way)
 Home Comforts
(1.Green Tea in my Wild&Heart Mug/ 2.New artwork by Claire Cavanna/ 3.Tasty juice from our new juicer)
 Summer Love!
(1.Long weekend off to a good start with bare legs and sandals/ 2.Such a beautiful flower made of more flowers/ 3.New J.Crew printed pants found for such a great deal)
Happy Thoughts
(1.Kate Moss being perfect as always/ 2.New favourite summer beer/ 3.The perfect quote to live by)

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  1. The sentence of the last pic is great! Looks like you were having lots of fun :)

  2. love these pictures!!!! kisses

  3. nice pics;DD

    new post |!!

  4. Wonderful pictures! Love looking at them. It's great a get a little glimpse beyond the fashion sometimes. Have an enjoyable week back to work!


  5. I just really like your freckles!


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