Sunday, 10 November 2013

These Boots

I hope you're having an amazing weekend! It's a long weekend in Canada, so I'm spending it in Victoria with friends and family.
Poor Ollie was too sick to come and I think I might be the next victim because I've got the telltale sore throat... So, today is going to consist of taking it easy with the fam and consuming my bodyweight in vitamin c and throat lozenges. Good thing I had my fun night with my amazing friends last night, so today can be a nice chilled one.

Now that I'm looking at these photos, getting sick might have had something to do with not wearing tights outside in the freezing cold the other night. I also got caught in a pretty heavy downpour without an umbrealla in this look, but I figured the boots cover most of my legs! And speaking of the boots, this is probably my favourite trend of the season. As you can see here, I never did really get over the thigh-highs. They are just so flattering and so much fun! Also, even though it's not quite the same, it's such a great way to avoid wearing tights for a little bit longer :)

I was wearing:

Zara Coat
H&M Top
Zara Skirt (similar here)
Nine West Boots (love these ones and these ones)
Michael Kors Bag

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  1. You look flawless, indeed:) Simple, yet stunning, I'm in love with this outfit! That coat looks just great and this grey color is so royal! Those photographs are adorable! I hope you will not fall ill, take care!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  2. pretty !! ;-)

    new post

  3. Love me some over-the-knee boots!! This is a really pretty look...definitely on trend (those boots and the envelope skirt!) but still very "real!!" P.S. I hope you manage to avoid getting sick!!

  4. I'm sorry you got sick..but this outfit is amazing!!!

    just started following you on bloglovin!

  5. Amazing boots! Really nice lok xx

  6. Rad boots and love that coat!
    Great look Alison.
    x kirsty

  7. Stunning! I'm loving this trend too but I am yet to find the perfect pair

    The Koalafornian x

  8. So cute! Those boots look amazing on you xo


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