Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!!

 Merry Christmas from Ollie and me!! I hope you're having an amazing day -- whether you celebrate this holiday or not, I hope you are having a day filled with happiness, love and laughter. We have spent our day opening gifts, visiting my amazing grandma and eating a ton of chocolates. Oh, and relaxing. Lots of that.

I bought this sweater from Urban Outfitters as my annual  cheesy Christmas sweater and about half way through the day yesterday, someone pointed out that it has a pot leaf as the tree... I had no idea! I'm such a goof. And of course my besttie noticed the second I posted a pic on Facebook. Oh, Urban Outfitters --- you got me this time!



  1. Merry christmas
    I'm following u via GFC&bloglovin, hope u can follow back. THX XOXO

    Moda della donna


  2. Merry Christmas Alison! Love the jumpers!
    x Kirsty

  3. Don't feel too bad, Alison...I didn't notice the pot-leaf-as-Christmas-tree either, until you "pointed" it out!! (And I don't mean with your fingers in your photos, either!!) I guess that makes it pretty obvious that we don't have THAT kind of lifestyle, huh?!? ;)
    Looks like you had a really great holiday with family and friends...and with any luck, you're still celebrating (I know I am!!)


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