Friday, 6 December 2013

November Looks

It really is so crazy how much the temperature has dropped throughout the month. I started out without tights at all and am now near death without about 5 layers on.
I don't think this freezing temperature is actually going to last much longer, but it sure is cold! This is definitely going to be the year of outerwear investments. I think it's going to be about the only thing anyone is going to see for a few months.

Let me know which look is your favourite. I always love to hear your opinions! xoxo



  1. I love your jeans in the last picture but cannot pick a favorite!

With A City Dream

  2. So many chic looks, you seriously have the best style!

  3. ALL such great looks!! But if I really had to choose, I think I'd say the first look with the over-knee boots, and also the striped-tee look really stand out for me...I just "heart" those two pieces!! Here's hoping we have a bit of a warming trend again soon, Alison, 'cause I certainly don't have enough outerwear looks to keep up with this chill!!

  4. Love all of them! However, I wish it was summer.

  5. Amazing outfits! Love your style!

  6. I love them all!
    Your style is rad and you nail it everytime!
    x Kirsty


Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments and support!

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