Wednesday, 19 February 2014

New In: Anine Bing

I was getting so excited for an upcoming holiday that Ollie and I had planned, that I couldn't resist ordering these beautiful Anine Bing sandals.
I imagined myself throwing a flowing maxi dress on over top of my bikini on a beach in Mexico, then slipping into these beauties to grab a cocktail and bite to eat before heading back for more beach time. Sadly, our vacation is going to have to wait, but it's ok because I've got an exciting collaboration coming in its place! I can't wait to tell you more, but for now these beautiful sandals are going to have to wait patiently in their box for warmer weather.



  1. I love the edginess of the wide ankle strap and the studded embellishment!! You're sure to get a lot of wear out of these come warmer weather, Alison...even if Mexico has to wait!!

  2. Super cute buy! Those sandals are adorbs!


  3. Love, love, love these sandals!


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