Thursday, 20 March 2014

VFW Day 2

Happy first day of Spring and International Happiness Day!! I love that they fall on the same day and it really makes so much sense. Spring definitely makes me happy and I can't wait for it to start warming up so that I can switch over to my spring wardrobe. Now that I think of it, I should really do a spring look for today... 

Yesterday was the second day of Vancouver Fashion Week and the first day of full designer collections. The first day was the opening gala and gave us a quick glimpse of what is to come on the runways, but as I had mentioned, I didn't have a photographer yet so we will have to skip that one. Luckily, that all changed yesterday when my amazingly talented friend Jess from Jessica Smith Photography came along! She will be with me the whole week and I am so excited to share her photos with you. We did a quick outfit shoot in Chinatown before heading inside to get ready for the shows and it was quite interesting to shoot around here. A very different crowd from Kits, that's for sure. But it was fun to have Jess along and we were able to tune out the shouts and stares as best we could :)

The shows were absolutely gorgeous last night and were such a great way to start the week. There were designers from Portugal, Argentina, Australia, Austria and right here in Vancouver. We were able to get photos of the first 5 shows and as I had mentioned before, I have the honor of interviewing the designers for the live streaming of Vancouver Fashion Week. Make sure to check it out tonight starting at 5pm. Click on the jump to see photos from the shows!

Models practicing their walks before the shows start
Covergirl Nail Bar
With my gorgeous co-host, Lollie Fakinlede

Susanna is here all the way from Portugal and showed a gorgeous collection of knits with the most amazing designs in the fabric. She loves to use new technologies to create the knits and you can really see this in the unique deigns that she creates. The entire collection was completely wearable, especially in a city like Vancouver that lives in sweaters for a majority of the year. 

Nina tan is created by the beautiful Stephanie who is from right here in Vancouver. I had the pleasure of meeting her a couple of weeks ago to film a promo for VFW and was able to play dress up in her beautiful creations. Her designs are so beautiful and flattering to the body, it's hard to not feel pretty in them. The show closer was a gorgeous black evening dress with a plunging neckline that I wouldn't mind getting my hands on assap!

Alano is first and foremost a First Nations Artist and you can see the influence this brings into his designs. All of the prints on the materials are his own artwork and they looked amazing walking down the runway. Most of the collection was made from a spandex material and there were some seriously sexy bodycon dresses, along with very wearable t-shirts and sweatshirts. I think all of the ladies in the audience appreciated the unzipped sweaters on the male models as well :)

This collection was a beautiful surprise of eco friendly designs that look nothing like your typical sustainable clothing. Her collection was so gorgeous and I loved all of the tulle floating down the runway. The designer is based in Australia and you could see a real outback influence in the red earth colors used in most of the designs. It just goes to show that you can be fashionable and eco friendly at the same time!

These handbags were soooo stunning. The designer has an amazing story that you must check out on her website, but the thing that stood out once on the runway was her amazing collection. All of the hides used in her designs are cruelty free, which means guilt free for us! My favorite bags of hers were the Zebra designs, which still had the manes intact. I just can't get them out of my head.
All photos were taken by Jessica Smith

I was wearing:

French Connection Jumpsuit (similar here at an amazing price)
Zara Blazer (similar here and here)

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  1. Super cool outfit
    and nice pics too

  2. Love that necklace! you look stunning xo

  3. nice look ; )

    i invite to me too

  4. You must be having so much fun, dear Alison!! And your black jumpsuit was the perfect pick for a day of fashion shows, I think...sleek and fashion-forward!! P.S. I LOVE the grey Nina Tan "tie-dye" gown!!

  5. I love your outfit ! Super chic !!

  6. Love the look Alison! You look stunning and it looks like such a great event. It's on the same time as Melbourne's Fashion Week!
    x Kirsty


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