Tuesday, 25 March 2014

VFW Day 3

 I feel like I'm so behind in my posting! My intention was to get each post up the day after the shows, but unfortunately it didn't work out that way. But I have all of the photos now, so I can get rolling with it.
These photos were taken on Thursday and what a gorgeous day it was. I think this was my favorite look from the week as well, so I'm happy that we were able to sneak into this pretty park right before they closed the gates. Jess and I had about five minutes to get these in, but luckily they turned out great! And no, I wasn't even a teeny bit cold. If only this warm weather had continued...

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LaSalle College
LaSalle College presents its most promising students every season at VFW and this is actually the first time I have caught their show. I was so pleasantly surprised, it just goes to show what a great job this school is doing. We saw collection from 4 different students and they each had their own very unique style. Hopefully we'll be seeing some of them in seasons to come!

This designer had one of my favorite collections and was also one of my favorite interviews. The pieces were so stunning and ladylike -- I wanted every single thing that walked down the runway! Some of my favorites were the coats that could be worn as dresses and the furry white skirt. I'll make sure to post the interview later, but you can always check out the live streaming here

Na Hyun Lee
This collection is another that was high on my list. I just loved the aquamarine prints -- especially on the neoprene bomber jacket in the first photo. I think I'm loving most things neoprene right now, so combined with that print makes it a sure winner in my books.

This collection was Jessica's favorite of the week and it was so stunning with its timeless elegance. One part classy, one part sexy -- any woman would look absolutely beautiful in these pieces.

Sara Armstrong
I always love a good "stolen from the boys" look and this collection was the perfect sexy tomboy combination. She also had some amazing menswear, but of course, it's always the women's clothes that I'm drawn to the most.

Connally showed a very "naughty librarian" collection that ranged from bias cut clothing styled in an alluring way, to extremely sheer bodycon dresses that oozed sex appeal. She said that she loves to design for the intelligent and sexy woman and this is exactly what the collection portrayed.
All photos were taken by Jessica Smith

I was wearing:

Zara Top
Zara Heels
Zara Bracelet

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  1. Love your feminine look. So soft and beautiful. ;)

  2. so great look ;-))

    kisses From Poland :*
    invite to me too


  3. You look perfect! I love your skirt and shirt:)

  4. Talk about a pretty, lady-like look, dear Alison!! The cobalt pleated skirt has a lovely, retro feel...and those studded ankle-strap shoes are beyond!! I'm so envious of anyone wearing heels right now (sitting here in my cast!!) By the way, I think these looks from VFW are all really amazing...especially the pieces from Grandi's Atelier!!



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