Wednesday, 26 March 2014

VFW Day 4

Day 4 of Vancouver Fashion Week was looking to be the longest one, so I went for comfort in the form of Ollie's shirt.
I was meant to be dressed by the designers for the entire week, so unfortunately I hadn't planned any looks ahead of time. That will teach me for the future, but since I didn't have the time to go shopping, I decided to shop in Ollie's closet! The poor guy hadn't even worn this shirt yet, but I really love the relaxed look of it. I had quite mixed reviews on it, but when my man said he liked it, I knew I had the best approval there was.

Lollie and I didn't have any interviews scheduled for the first hour and a half of shows, so Jess and I were actually able to sit down and enjoy a couple of shows from the front row. It was so nice to be able to see the designs up close and feel the atmosphere of the crowd. It enhances the experience so much.

Click through the jump to see photos from the shows!

The first three shows were presented by London designers that were selling their items in the gallery during the shows. They had really cute and flirty dresses and skirts, overalls, crop tops and leather minis. We had front row seats for these shows and everyone in the crowd next to us was making their shopping list known. My personal favorites are below -- minus the overalls, which were amazing.

Fever London

Angel Eye

Goldie London

Romielle showed a stunning and elegant collection of very feminine silky fabrics and figure-flattering shapes. I hadn't actually realized that they were from right here in Vancouver, but now that I do, I will be looking them up! There were some high-waist leather shorts that were particularly gorgeous.

Ophelia Song
Ophelia presented a stunning collection of bright colors and prints that had a strong Asian influence. It was a beautiful contrast next to all of the darker colors that were dominating the runway.

Papillon is a Vancouver Fashion Week veteran and another Vancouver local. She has presented at every VFW that I have attended and always has a ton of adorable dresses to show. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of the show, but I had the pleasure of interviewing her and do have a snap of that!

Garde Del Avante
This talented jewelry designer put on such an amazing show. Her models looked absolutely stunning in black lingerie with the designs taking center stage. The chain-link sleeves were a personal favorite -- now I just need to find an occasion to wear it. Maybe a fun photoshoot for the blog?

Well Groomed
This Indian designer never disappoints and once again his gowns were absolutely stunning. Each gown takes between 50-100 days to create and you can see the love and attention to detail that goes into every piece. There are so many jewels on each dress, I just had to feel the weight of it and trust me -- it would be like a workout just to put one on!

Parvesh Jai
The second of three Indian designer of the night -- Parvesh Jai had quite a different style to the other two. Not quite as traditional, the pieces had more of a twenties Asian influence to them. I loved the women's pantaloons and the ornate gold detailing. I always love a good east meets west and the dress in the second image is just amazing.

Shravan Kumar
This collection of traditional mixed with unconventional was a stunning way to close the night. He takes his influence from all parts of Asia and the diversity shows in his designs. I had an amazing interview with the designer and I can't wait to show it to you!
All photos are by Jessica Smith

I was wearing:

Stella & Dot and J.Crew Bracelets

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  1. so cute style!! :-))


  2. Wow incredible! Love your Kate Spade bag!

  3. Beautiful! Get those designer bags you love always on sale at

  4. Oh man...I couldn't even BEGIN to choose a favourite out of all these shows, dear Alison!! The looks from the Indian designers are simply stunning (even the men's!)...and I love those chain-mail sleeves, too...and that cute "bird on a wire" dress!! Your own look here is low-key and classic; and those nude pumps could elevate even the most casual outfit!!


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