Monday, 31 March 2014

VFW Day 5

Day five of Vancouver Fashion Week was perhaps my favorite of them all because I got to wear this gorgeous skirt and top by Nina Tan.
The designer, Stephanie, had presented on Day 2 of VFW, and I instantly fell in love with this look. The skirt had been worn with a different top, but I thought they looked so adorable together that I couldn't resist. It was pouring rain on this day, so Jess and I used the lobby of the oh so gorgeous Opus Hotel to snap a couple of shots.

Another reason this day was my favorite was because two of my fave designers presented on this day. Can you guess which ones they are? 

Click through the jump to see photos from the shows!

These twins had easily the most creative and fun show of the entire week. They take their inspiration from childhood rebellion and the toys that children play with, making for one super entertaining show. Their designs are entirely handmade and all of the prints on the materials are digitally printed from their own artwork. I couldn't get enough of the Lego masks and wish I had thought of that as a kid! I can only imaging them working together to come up with their designs -- they must have had an absolute blast. 

Mario showed a collection of beautifully tailored menswear. He has a penchant for neoprene and as I've mentioned before -- I'm a real sucker for the material. I loved his use of the material in unexpected ways, like a neoprene knit sweater and and full neoprene white suit. 

Martins Paulo
Love love loved the prints on Martins Paulo's designs. I am a huge sucker for photographic prints on clothing -- especially when it's beautiful beautiful images like these. The items remind me quite a bit of Clover Canyon Spring 2013 and that is definitely a good thing in my books -- especially when I have been coveting those pieces for a very long time!

Hong Kiyoung
I love a good streetwear design and his entire collection was just that. I think I wanted every single piece he presented -- even the mens' clothes! I wouldn't be that far off because the design that he showed for our Breakfast Television presentation was a men's suit worn on a beautiful girl. And she looked absolutely gorgeous in it! He told me that he likes to bring an element of femininity into menswear and masculinity into womenswear -- he even had both genders come out in the same items, just different colors. I was completely drawn to his designs I'm hoping that he will be selling to North America very soon! Also, he is just the cutest thing ever -- we loved his reveal at the end of the show :)

Jose Zafra
The show closer of the night, Jose showed us some absolutely gorgeous gowns. The designer comes from Peru and it seems that the South Americans know a thing or two about designing elegant evening-wear for women. His designs were so glamorous -- I only wish I had endless black-tie events to attend!
All photos were taken by Jessica Smith

I was wearing:

Nina Tan Top and Skirt
Zara Bracelet

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  1. cute look :-))


  2. That Nina Tan skirt would be just the thing to hide my cast, dear Alison!! ;) Love those shoes, too...oh, it's just killing me that I can't wear any of my high-heels right now!!

  3. I love this outfit! You look wonderful!
    x Kirsty


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