Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The PJ Shirt

 Isn't it such a tease when the sun comes out for 3 days and then it's back to winter weather? Not that I'm complaining about these beautiful sunny days, but now it's back to winter coats, long pants and boots.
Oh, and umbrellas... So these photos clearly weren't taken today, but rather on the beautiful weekend that I am now missing so much. But luckily, it's a long weekend for Easter and I can't wait! There's always a bright side to everything, isn't there?

This shirt is another one that I "borrowed" from Ollie's closet and I just love the pajamas feel of it. It's just as comfy as pjs too, so it's really the best shirt ever! I'm pretty obsessed with this Alexander Wang Romper, so anything that recreates that pj look is a winner in my books. Now I just need to find some matching shorts!

I was wearing:

Shirt borrowed from Ollie
Zara Shorts (similar)
Holt Renfrew Hat (similar)
Zara Sandals (similar)
Pyrrha Necklace

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  1. I love your shorts they are super cute.
    Your hat is definitely my favorite though!

  2. cool hat ;-)


    new post

  3. Love stealing boys shirts! Cute look!


  4. Adorable...that's all I can say, dear Alison - from the fedora to the Birkenstock-esque sandals!!


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