Thursday, 19 June 2014


I don't know about where you are, but here it has been sunny one moment, then cloudy the next and then raining the very next. It's becoming quite the challenge to decide how to dress to leave the house, but one combination that seems to work most of the time for me is a sweater with shorts and sandals.
Something about my lower half rarely gets cold once spring hits, but if my upper body is cold then it's game over. I'll usually wear a tank top under the sweater in case it warms up and maybe even a denim jacket in case it gets even cooler. Truly, you need a gigantic bag for all of the layers you end up hauling around in Vancouver, but it's kinda necessary. I really shouldn't complain. One of my favorite things to wear is a sweater with shorts, so I guess this is my perfect time of year!

One thing that is blatantly obvious from these photos is my desperate need of some sun on my legs! Something about the lighting here is quite strange but beautiful. We went down to the beach as the sun was getting low in the sky and in one direction was low ominous clouds, while in the other was gorgeous clear skies. It made for quite a bizarre combination of light and I just love it. I feel a bit unlike myself in the photos, but that's half the fun!

I was wearing:

J.Crew Sweater
Topshop Necklace

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  1. I love that you are embracing the return of the Birkenstocks, Alison! I haven't jumped on board yet, but this outfit is amazing on you and you kind of make me want to wear them again. ;)

    I hope you have a great weekend!


  2. <3333 amazing look babe !

  3. I love the lighting as well, it is just beautiful! And that backdrop is just breathtaking! I love this outfit, it hits the "cool summery" look. I want to duplicate it this weekend!


  4. This kind of dramatic lighting can make for some really cool photos...and yours are the perfect example, dear Alison!! There was a time when I thought wearing shorts with a sweater was kinda crazy (if it was warm enough for one, why did you need the other?!) but now it's a look I'm totally into...and do myself quite often!! As you said - when the weather is "in between" like it's been here in Vancouver lately, it's often the best way to go!! XO

  5. Love the camo look. You look great! I think every vancouver girl can relate to needing more sun lol!

  6. I love how you wear your camo here... very nice!

  7. great sweatshirt! <3 maybe follow, kisses

  8. We've been having really strange weather too lately. And I recognize having to use a big carry on bag. It's a good thing those huge shopping totes are on trend, because I don't know how I'd do otherwise, haha. I love your outfit Alison! That sweater is pretty cool! ^_^ xo

  9. Nice shorts :) M&MFASHIONBITES


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