Sunday, 29 June 2014


 I hope you're having an amazing weekend! Ollie and I spent the last couple of days in Pemberton celebrating our friends' wedding and holy crap is it gorgeous there.
We knew our friends would have chosen a setting with great scenery since they are the epitome of the outdoorsy couple, but I never expected it to be quite so beautiful. The town is completely surrounded by snow-topped mountains and beautiful fields with unobstructed views. I love discovering new hidden gems like this and it has made us realize that there is so much more to explore in our own backyard.

I pulled a bit of a faux-pas and wore black to the wedding, but really isn't that an outdated notion anyway? The reception was held in a barn and since it was a Scottish wedding, we knew there would be a ton of dancing. For me, this meant that heels were out of the question because I didn't exactly want a broken ankle (which actually did happen to one of our friends!) and I felt that the only way to remain elegant with flats is by wearing a maxi dress. I ended up being so happy with my choice and am sooo glad that I wore flats. What do you think about wearing black to a wedding? It turned out that it's actually quite common, but I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

I was wearing:

Urban Outfitters Necklace

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  1. nice look ;-))

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  2. You look like a princess!! Absolutely stunning pictures! <3

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  3. Oh no! I hope your friend didn't hurt herself too bad, and that her broken ankle will heal soon. Dancing is such a silly way to break something, but I've seen it happen a few times too haha. I love the maxi you wore, and the split gives it something elegant, perfect for a wedding I think! xo

  4. Sweet pictures and a great look - amazing dress! :)

    Auf Wolke 3

  5. You look so lovely...and perfectly appropriate for a wedding, dearest Alison!! I've worn an ivory dress to a wedding before (another supposed "faux pas") but I think when the style is very obviously non-bridal (or, in your case, non-funereal!) I really don't see the problem!! That said, I've definitely witnessed some style head-scratchers at a few weddings I've been to...and I'm sure you have, too!! ;)

  6. What a lovely dress! This shoot was perfectly done!

  7. Adorbs look! Loving that dress! Your friends wedding location is too beautiful!


  8. Nice dress :) M&MFASHIONBITES


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