Thursday, 5 June 2014

Play All Day

Oh rompers, you're just too much fun! There's just something about this style that gets me every time. I feel so free and playful!
It was the perfect thing to wear last Saturday for a day of running errands and then Scottish dancing at night. It was actually an amazing day! And Scottish dancing is much more tiring than it looks. We have some friends that are getting married at the end of the month and since they are from Scotland, there will be plenty of traditional dances. How fun is that? Well, I will tell you after the big day, but the practice was hilarious so I can only image.

I hope you have an amazing Thursday! Ollie's mom is getting into town today so we're getting ready to be tour guides for a week. I love being a tourist in my own city -- it gives you a renewed appreciation for it. Just what the doctor ordered :)

I was wearing:

Spell Romper ( in cream here)

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  1. Don't I remember you writing (a little while ago) that you weren't much of a bohemian girl, dear Alison?? Well, something's changed your mind...and I'm glad!! Especially for the summer, outfits with a bit of a boho twist just look and feel so "right" somehow!! Love the colour and pattern of your romper here...and the fact that you're rockin' your awesome Baggu beach toto again!! ;)

  2. Love
    Finding fellow Vancouver bloggers:) we live in such a great city! These are lovely pictures and your romper is adorable!

  3. Too cute! Loving the print on that playsuit!



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