Monday, 7 July 2014


Happy Monday! We had a bit of a bummer weekend weather-wise, but today the sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Figures, right?
I have to admit I was a little angry when I saw that this morning. But even though I had to work, I took a nice long lunch outside in the park and soaked in as much sun as possible. It really works to raise the spirit. A little sun is all it takes :)

We took these photos after the downpour yesterday and it actually turned out to be quite warm. We decided to skip the work that we usually end up doing on a Sunday night to go see the new X-Men movie instead. I wore this look for it (which I also wore on Friday night -- oops!) and love that I've rediscovered this skirt. I had bought it in the fall from Zara thinking it would be my go-to, but for some reason I never seemed to pull it out and it got lost at the bottom of a drawer. It's quite high-waisted and I love the flattering fit & flare style. Maybe it just suits being a summer skirt more!

I've always heard that wedges are supposed to be super comfortable but for some reason, every time I buy a pair they cut into my feet like razors. I really don't know what it is, but this time I am determined to break them in because I really love them and I just know they have potential. And don't they look so comfortable? Well, it's a trick because they're not. I have managed to doctor up worse pairs in the past, so I'm confident these ones will soon be fixed as well. I personally like the socks and hair-dryer trick, and I think these ones will need a little filing as well. Do you have any good tricks for making shoes more comfortable? It's mainly the straps digging in on the sides but I'd love to hear your tricks!

I was wearing:

Top unknown (bought at Kate French)
Zara Skirt
Michael Kors Wedges (similar)
Botkier Bag

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  1. nice skirt !! ;-)

    new post

  2. Super cute outfit. Love the black and white especially with the tan heels.
    Really cute top!
    x Kirsty

  3. Nice skirt :) M&MFASHIONBITES

  4. I just finishing browsing WhoWhatWear's post about ways to do a white lace look...and here you are, dear Alison!! Of course, the black and white palette is a hit with me; as is your denim jacket (I'm a newly converted fan, remember?!) Sorry about the uncomfortable wedges, though...up until my recent DVT trouble, I could literally wear ANYTHING on my feet without problems; but nowadays, I feel your pain!! ;)


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