Tuesday, 1 July 2014

June Looks

Happy Canada Day!! It was so nice to have the day off on such a gorgeous day. Ollie and I rode our bikes to have a picnic near Granville Island and laze the day away under a shady tree.
Couldn't have been more perfect. It truly feels like summer has officially started, and now that it's July, hopefully it will remain. In Canada, our summer is usually just July and August, so we really have to take advantage while it's here. Ollie and I have decided to get out and explore as much as we can during these two months and I can't wait!

Looking back at these photos, I'm realizing that we always seem to take photos when I'm at my most casual. I guess that has been the majority of the time lately, but I'm hoping that you don't mind! Simplicity is definitely what I have been gravitating towards and it's nice to leave off all the extra adornments. And yes, I wear the Birkenstocks a lot, but they really are so wonderful. I know they aren't everyone's favs (especially considering some of the nasty comments I've received!) but I just can't get enough of them. To me, they go with absolutely everything.

I hope you like the looks! Which one is your favorite?


  1. pretty ;-)

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  2. Summertime outfits are supposed to be more casual, aren't they?? Kinda goes with the whole relaxed, vacationy (um, is that a word?) vibe!! And on said note, dear Alison, I think my favourite of all these looks is the white romper and kimono combo you wore for your Cannon Beach getaway...so effortlessly romantic!! P.S. Never mind the nasty comment crew; some people can only feel good about themselves when they're cutting someone else down. I've had my own experience with that!! XO



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