Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Life Lately

 A couple of weeks ago, Ollie and I spent a weekend in beautiful Pemberton for our friends' wedding and we couldn't get over how beautiful is was. The first two photos are taken in the setting of the wedding -- a gorgeous open field surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and the third was taken at a beautiful lake setting that we found while driving around the small town.
 Vancouver has been so incredibly gorgeous lately and we've been taking advantage by riding our bikes around the seawall at every opportunity. The first photo was from a date night with my bestie, where we were treated to a gorgeous sunset, the next is Second Beach pool where Ollie and I made a pit stop last weekend to cool down after a couple hours of riding, and the third is from beautiful Granville Island (which is always so photogenic).
 On Saturday, our neighborhood had the annual Khatsahlano Festival and it's the first time I've checked it out in a couple of years. I usually prefer to avoid the 100,000 people that come to Kits on this day, but now I remember what the draw was. It was really worth braving the heat and the crowds for the amazing music, good food and crazy good deals -- I got two anklets for $5!
Two Sundays ago, I had tried to start the day off healthy with a green juice (third photo), but I just scrapped that once I met up with some of my fav Vancouver bloggers for brunch at Local (second photo). I just can't say no to pancakes! So, figured that Japa Dog for dinner (first photo) would be the perfect dinner before catching the new X-Men movie. I think there may have been some frozen yogurt once inside as well... Oops! 


  1. great pictures!!

  2. Amazing photo! That dog looks soo good!

  3. Such great photos! Still can't get over your friends wedding location! So beautiful!


  4. You've been a busy girl, dear Alison!! Great mix-up of photos here...but as a fellow Vancouverite who's absolutely LOVING the summery weather we've enjoyed lately, I gotta say that the sunset photo is my fave!! :)

  5. Gorgeous photos, looks so relaxing.


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