Saturday, 23 August 2014

Denim & Supply Event Today

 The big day is here and I really can't wait! For those of you that follow me on Social Media, you probably already know about today's Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Project Warehouse event at the Bay in downtown Vancouver.
I will be co-hosting with Justin from Walking, Talking Style and DJ Flipout (who will be playing some amazing Avicii music) and there will be a ton of prizes, food, great music and amazing fashion. I really hope you can come and check it out! It's today from 2-4 pm. Check out the image below for details :)
All items are from Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren



  1. I hope the event went well! If I was in Van I would stop by

  2. awesome dress!! ;-))
    i invite to me too

  3. Wow, wish I could be there! I love Denim & Supply! Have a blast!
    Dawn Lucy

  4. Oh Alison, I sooo would have loved to join you at this event...but after two crazy-busy weeks, I really needed to get some chores taken care of at home!! Fingers crossed that Denim & Supply has another shindig in the near future...and that the timing works out better for me!!


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