Thursday, 25 September 2014

Day to Night with Dawson & Deveraux

 Happy Thursday Lovelies! I am so happy to share a fun collaboration that I did with up-and-coming designer Dawson & Deveraux this past weekend.
I first discovered their gorgeous designs during the Fall/Winter 2014 season of Vancouver Fashion Week and had the pleasure of interviewing designer Sophie Karen for the live streaming of the event. Her designs immediately stood out to me and I wanted pretty much every single item from the collection. And so, this season I have reconnected with them to team up and show off four items from the fall collection that has just launched online.

The items are all so sophisticated and timeless, which is obvious at first glance, but we really wanted to show you how versatile each piece can really be -- taking them from day to night and styled in ways that I would personally wear them.


The first item that I styled is this beautiful cropped jacket that I would honestly wear everyday. I have shown it here with some shredded jeans and a white tank, but it would be just as perfect with a skirt or black trousers for work. I personally like to mix beautiful items like the jacket with ultra casual pieces like the jeans and boots just to mix it up a bit and give it my own personal touch.

Check out below for the nighttime look!


This jacket was so easy to style for night, I had a hard time choosing which way I wanted to go for the photos. In the end, I went with the leather shorts that I usually always end up wearing when I can't decided on something, a peplum top and sky-high booties. Ollie and I went for a glass of wine right after shooting this set and it was the perfect look for this. For a date night, I always like to show some skin in one area, while covering up the rest so that I am leaving something to the imagination. This usually ends up being my legs that are bare and the jacket was the perfect way to cover my top half -- especially with the weather cooling down. You really need that extra warmth on top to keep the chill off.

I was wearing:

Look 1:

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    1. Thank you Sabina! It really is such a great piece :)

  3. Your jacket is a really special piece, dear Alison!! I am SO not a traditional blazer kind of girl...but this one has enough unique details - like the embroidered front and the shaped waistline - that I know I would totally feel comfortable wearing it!! Beautiful!! XO


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