Tuesday, 30 September 2014

How to Transition a Statement Top with Dawson & Deveraux

I've been trying to do these weekly how-to's and I hope you like them!
This one I thought was probably especially tricky and I love a challenge like that. This top is the queen of all statement tops, but you can use the same principles when styling any top that is bright, sparkly, sheer, an unusual shape or just plain old loud. Let me know what you think and if there is any particular item that you would like to see styled in a future how-to. I would love your input!

And I've got some super exciting news! Dawson & Deveraux is offering a crazy $200 off your next purchase with them. You can find the coupon code on their Facebook Page.


 When I picked up this top, my first thought was "how am I ever going to style this for a daytime look?" But once I started playing around with it, I really loved the idea of wearing a statement piece like this during the day. It looks a bit much when worn alone, but once you throw a denim jacket over top, it really tones it down so much and brings a casual feel to the look. If I am going to wear a crop top, it is an absolute must that my bottoms are high-waisted to cover most of my stomach. This skirt from Zara is perfect for this and the fit and flare style is so flattering to the figure. The red bag brings some color to the look and the flat boots are a must to make it daytime appropriate.

Check out below to see how I style this top for night!


I feel like this top is the epitome of a top that girls wear for other girls. I could totally picture Carrie Bradshaw wearing it and that makes me love it even more. I feel like she would have maybe worn it with a long tutu skirt, but I wanted to show the sexy side of this top with a bodycon leather skirt. It would be just as hot with some leather pants, but like I mentioned before, I need the high waist with a cop top. This top requires a ton of confidence to pull off, and when you do this, you can own the world. There is nothing sexier than confidence on a woman. Confidence and leather ;)

I was wearing:

Dawson & Deveraux Faux Fur Crop Top

Make sure to check out Dawson & Deveraux's Facebook Page for $200 off your next purchase!!


  1. I love that furry crop top!

  2. lovely style :]


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  3. Love it!!! I too would have been perplexed with how to style during the day but I think you have done an incredible job. Looks brilliant! Such a SATC top, agree 100%.
    x Kirsty

  4. I cannot tell you how much I adore this fluffy white top, dear Alison!! It was totally made for your black leather skirt - and a Sex and the City moment! - but your daytime combination with the denim jacket is the BEST, in my opinion!! So unexpected!! XO


  5. your beautiful face, those shoes and your leather skirt are hot as hell


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