Friday, 31 October 2014

All Black Baby

Happy Halloween!! I'm not much of a costume person, so I thought an all black look would be most appropriate for today.
I went and met Ollie for lunch and we snapped these photos a couple of hours ago, so it really is what I look like today in this pouring rain. Actually, it looks like it's clearing up a bit now, but a couple of hours ago is was pretty awful. I just wanted to come back home and watch movies in my pjs for the rest of the day. But then what kind of blogger would I be?

So what are your plans for tonight? I can't wait to see everyone's costumes and makeup. It's definitely the best part about the holiday. I'm not sure why I don't personally get involved since I really do enjoy it on others -- I think I just get a bit annoyed with everyone trying to out-slut each other. I'm just too old for that now :)

I hope you have an amazing Halloween and a great weekend! xoxo

I was wearing:

Zara Top

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  1. Happy Halloween! I love the black

  2. love this outfit

  3. All black suits you so well! I think its how you style!!
    x Kirsty


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