Saturday, 4 October 2014

Winter Coat: Day to Night with Dawson & Deveraux

 Happy Saturday Babes! I can't believe this is already the last set of photos from my collaboration with Dawson & Deveraux.
If you haven't already seen them -- check out the other posts here, here, and here. Each one of their items have been a dream to style and it has made me truly appreciate the beauty of a well-made, classic piece. For this final item, it was probably the easiest and closest to home here in Vancouver. Our daily wardrobes become all about the coat once the weather cools down, but that is no problem at all when you have a coat as gorgeous as this. The fabric is ultra lightweight but still keeps you warm so you can move around comfortably and not feel restricted. This makes it so much more comfortable when you are piling on the layers for a chilly day and it doesn't add any unwanted bulk to your silhouette. Dawson & Deveraux are currently offering $200 off your next purchase of any of the items I have style on this blog. Make sure you check it out -- that is one crazy deal!


For the daytime look, I went with something that I always seem to gravitate towards. A super short dress, classic black bag and comfortable walking flats that are still chic enough to keep up with the look. Loafers are always good for those days that you will be walking a lot or your feet just need a rest. I love a short hemline under a longer coat. It is so sexy while still remaining daytime appropriate.

Check out below to see how I styled it for night!


This look is so similar to the daytime style that I really could have just added heels and accessories. I went with the lace dress because it felt a little more nighttime appropriate, but you could go either way. The key is to switch into some hot heels and you're pretty much ready to go! I love a coat like this that is just as appropriate for day or night -- you really can't tell what's it meant for!
Don't forget that Dawson & Deveraux is offering that amazing discount! It's the perfect way to scoop up one of their items at a great price.

I was wearing:

Dawson & Deveraux Coat


  1. Beautiful coat, Alison, and those booties!

    I hope you are having a great weekend!


  2. You are soooooo CHIC! <3 Love your fabulous coat... Getting city n' chic vibes!

    xo xo


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