Friday, 28 November 2014

Black Friday Shopping with Lyst

Happy Black Friday!! Truly, one of the best days of the year. I actually personally avoid the shops on this particular day, but will instead do all my shopping throughout the rest of the weekend -- the sales always continue through the weekend anyways!
This year I've been using Lyst as one of my tools for finding the best sales out there. You can make up "Lysts" of all the items you love, then they will actually let you know when those items go on sale! How great is that? So today you can shop from the comfort of your home using Lyst, then tomorrow you can put on a comfy outfit (like the one above) and shop in the malls to your heart's content!

I've created a Black Friday shopping outfit Lyst with a bunch of cozy and practical items to wear for a day of hands free walking around the shops. You can find all the items above plus plenty more by clicking here. Best part is that they are pretty much all on sale right now!

I hope you have an amazing long weekend! xoxo



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