Thursday, 13 November 2014

Blanket Scarf

 The very best thing about fall is the cozy scarves and sweaters. My new obsession is the blanket scarf and I can't believe that I am allowed to wear a warm and soft blanket around in public and it's socially acceptable. Seriously, why haven't we done this before now?

I took this cozy piece of heaven to White Rock during our weekend as tourists in our own city and it was the perfect layer of warmth for this sunny day.
I can't get over how gorgeous the sun is reflecting off the water like this. I could have stood and admired it all day. This was about as high as the sun got all day and it seriously is blinding bu oh so pretty.

Now that the temp has dropped about 15 degrees, I need to wear this blanket scarf over a winter coat, but I'm just happy that I can still wrap it around me.
I love the cool light that the winter sun casts. So different from a summer day, but just as beautiful in its own way.
I hope you have an amazing Friday! xoxo

Aritzia Scarf
H&M Sweater

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  1. nice pics= ] ]

    new post

  2. I love those big blanket-like scarfs! Have just shot a similar outfit 😃

    xx Kristina

  3. Love this outfit! I'm loving blanket scarves at the moment too- such a great way to layer! x


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