Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Double Sweater Weather

If you're anything like me, you might feel like winter coats are super restrictive and maybe not the most comfortable thing to wear on a day when you want to be warm and cozy for a walk through all the beautiful fall leaves.
Saturday was such a gorgeous day (they seem to be coming few and far between lately) so Ollie and I decided to go for a nice walk to get some fresh air and take in the beautiful scenery that fall creates. There is a definite chill in the air now, so I decided to layer up on the sweaters rather than reaching for one of my wool coats. It just seemed more appropriate for the day and it totally did the trick!
I just love Vancouver in the fall. The leaves turn so many different beautiful colors and when we get a sunny day like this one, it's truly magical.
This trusty Clare Vivier bag has become my go-to and it fits so much into it! I've been trying not to load up my bags as much as I usually would, but somehow this one seems to get more and more piled into it each day. It's just so darn handy.

The boots have now come out of the closet and they are a purchase from a couple of years ago. I love the way a classic item like this stays in style forever. It makes the investment so much more worthwhile.
I always love when adorable dogs come to say hello. They are such camera hogs :)
And probably the very best part about fall is the introduction to beanie weather! I absolutely love these things and will probably not take them off until summer hits next year.
Last but not least, a coffee in hand completes the cozy feeling of the day. Nothing like a walk on a crisp fall day with a hot drink and good company.
I hope you have an amazing Wednesday! xoxo

I was wearing:

H&M Turtleneck
Aritzia Beanie

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  1. so cute

    giveaway on my blog

  2. Love this cardigan! You're right, it's so much better to walk out in a sweater rather than a coat!

    xo, Alicia

  3. Your sweater looks so cozy!!

  4. Autumn is definitely hat season, dear Alison...and I love the textured awesomeness of your beanie here!! My own sweater collection has started to get a bit of a workout lately as well; there will still be plenty of opportunities to wear our heavy winter coats, am I right?! ;)


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