Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Stay Cozy Stay Wild // Wild & Heart

Happy Wednesday! I'm so excited to show you these photos from last weekend at the Wild & Heart Stay Cozy, Stay Wild fashion show.
Ollie and I had such a blast and will take any excuse to visit Sarah and Diane, Wild & Heart's owners, up in Squamish. Ollie snapped a ton of photos during the day, so make sure to check out the Wild & Heart blog for images from the rest of the looks. They were all so cute and the girls and guys seriously rocked them on the runway. I feel like the look that I'm wearing for the shoot on the train tracks is so perfect for a character that I imagine in this location. I love being taken out of my comfort zone and trying new things. Especially with such a fun group of people! I'm not sure how to give everyone credit, so I will let the babes at Wild & Heart do that. I hope you enjoy the photos! And make sure to check out their site to shop all these super cute looks.

All items from Wild & Heart

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