Tuesday, 11 November 2014


 Sorry about my short hiatus! Ollie and I decided to take advantage of the Tuesday holiday and make a super long weekend out of it.
We were originally going to head out of town for a mini-break, but instead decided to be tourists in our own town and get out to some places we don't normally go. These photos were taken in beautiful White Rock and we seriously couldn't have asked for better weather. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and was actually warm enough to sit out on the patio without heat lamps. Such a change from today, which was also beautiful, but soooo freezing cold. I actually think I may have now caught a cold from taking photos outside today. Not positive yet, but I think it will be an early night and hopefully I'll wake up feeling recharged. Fingers crossed!
This sweater is the first item that I believe I have ever bought in this color. I had originally described it as mustard, but a stranger told me it was a beautiful yellow sunset and I like that description much more. Especially since we had such a beautiful yellow sunset on that day and it really was the same! Check out the last photo :)
This beautiful scarf is from Aritzia a couple of years ago and is one item that I always get plenty of use out of every year. I think scarves might just be one of those items I never get sick of. 

It was nice to need the sunglasses all weekend. That doesn't usually happen here in Vancouver, but I sure did love it.
The sun stayed so low in the sky all day, it was almost like a constant sunset over the water. So beautiful.
The leopard boots have become a neutral for me and I seem to be reaching for them a lot more often than in the past. If I could only find the exact pair in a black leather, my life would be complete.
I hope you have an amazing Wednesday! xoxo

I was wearing:

H&M Sweater
Aritzia Scarf
Zara Boots

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  1. so nice!! ;-)


    new post

  2. What a stunning sunset! Photos are brilliant.
    Love th jumper the colour suits you!
    x Kirsty

  3. So gorgeous!! Those boots are amaaaazing! And yes, I'm also making the most of these rare sunny Vancouver days before it starts getting grey again ;) But I agree that it's freezing!!

    Ali xo


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