Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Cozy Lunch Date

 Bundling up is the only way to go lately! I wanted to show you this sweater that I got from J.Crew a couple of weeks ago, but once I was ready to leave the house, I was too bundled up to show it off.
These are the woes of fashion blogging during the winter. I really should invest solely in outerwear for these months, but I find myself way more drawn to the cozy sweater collections. Hopefully I'll be able to give you a better look at it soon -- it really is so gorgeous.

On another note -- how is everyone's Christmas shopping going? I was a bit stressed about it for the last couple of days because I hadn't even begun -- but a scheduling error at work turned out to be the perfect opportunity for me to get it all done! I only have a couple more things I need to pick up and then I can rest. Now hopefully everything arrives in time for me to bring it home for Christmas.

I was wearing:

Urban Outfitters Coat
Topshop Beanie

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  1. I love all of the layers

  2. Lately, my blog reading list always seems to get away on me, dear Alison...but here I am, finally catching up again!! Totally a fan of this colour combination...the olive green military-inspired jacket with the black jeans and accessories is exactly my idea of winter chic!! And where oh where did you find that amazing fringy scarf?!


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