Monday, 5 January 2015

Get Out More

 And so it has arrived -- the first Monday of 2015. I must admit, my new year is off to a bit of a lazy start. I had every intention of getting the ball rolling straight away, but then the weather was terrible and it was just sooo cozy inside that I decided Netflix marathons were much more appealing.
I do feel a teeny bit guilty, but it was just so nice to have a long weekend of relaxing and de-stressing after the busy holiday season. Now that Monday has hit, I'm back at it on the blog and I think I might film a makeup tutorial if I have enough time.

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to get outside more. I love the outdoors and even something as simple as a walk along the water is usually enough to clear my mind and raise my spirits. I hate to admit that once it gets cold and rainy, I don't take advantage of our gorgeous backyard nearly as much as I should. And so, this year, I have a new waterproof coat and lots of warm layers, so I'm just going to get out there and enjoy it. These photos were taken on one of these days and I was so happy to get moving outside in the fresh air. We just took a short walk as the sun was going down (I can't call it a sunset as it just got darker grey), and even though it was super gloomy and cold, it did the trick to re-energize me. I can get a bit frustrated with taking photos when the weather is like this -- everything just turns out super grey and sad looking -- but I love these ones because it's truly just us capturing a moment on a gloomy day. Now these photos are more than an outfit post -- they are a memory :)
For a casual walk along the beach, the most important things is being warm and comfortable. This Alexander Wang hoodie is my favorite for days like this.
The Sam Edelman boots have been my go-to since picking them up a month ago. They are so comfortable and easy to throw on with just about anything. 
Even on a grey and gloomy day, the view of the west end from kits beach is still amazing. Especially when there's some fresh snow on the mountains.
The best part about these grey days is that the beach is pretty much deserted. I love having the whole place to ourselves.
I hope your first Monday of the new year is going well! And if not, don't worry -- there's plenty more to make up for it. xoxo

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H&M Mittens

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  1. Happy New Year Alison, Looking forward to another year of watching your journey!
    Love that you are embracing the outdoors. But I can only imagine its cold over there!
    x Kirsty

  2. You look so cozy, Alison! Love the mittens and hat. =)

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  3. Pretty photos!
    Love this casual look

  4. so cute style.. ;-))


    i invite to me too


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