Wednesday, 7 January 2015

These Grey Days

Oh these grey days... Like I mentioned in my last post, I can get a bit frustrated taking photos in this weather as everything turns out a little bleak and sad.
Luckily I had my new sweater that I bought with some Christmas gift cards (thanks brothers!) and my pretty scarf to save the day. I don't know what it is about this weather but it really does something to my eyes. They get so heavy and sleepy looking -- and it really affects the way I feel. Do any of you get this on a day with heavy clouds? If you have a solution for it, I would really love to hear it. I swear it didn't always affect me this way. I did notice that going for a nice walk and getting some fresh air helped a lot, so I think I will start doing that more for sure. Netflix seems to be a pretty good cure too :)
Blanket scarves are easily my favorite trend this season. They make everything so much cozier and they make the entire look so much more interesting.
I don't think that I will ever get sick of this Rag & Bone bag. So far, it seems to go with absolutely everything.
These boots have been so good to me as well. And one thing that I appreciate about them is that they are quite nondescript so I don't get sick of them or feel that I'm over wearing them.
Even on a day this gloomy, the city still looks so beautiful. I love this view.

You can just see my nail polish above and it is my new favorite for the season. It is Essie's Bahama Mama and I'm in looove.
I hope you're having an amazing Wednesday! xoxo

I was wearing:

Aritzia Sweater
Aritzia Scarf

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