Monday, 23 February 2015

Stop Bullying In Style: Pink Shirt Day

Bullying is something that I have never been able to understand. Why would anyone ever want to make another person feel terrible about themselves? Why would you ever want to bring anything other than light and happiness into another person's day? I know it is used as a way for insecure people to make themselves feel better, but surely it couldn't be working? 

I personally count myself as being lucky to not have grown up during the digital age, where bullying has moved online. I don't know how a teenager can handle all the negativity that is spewed on social media for the world to see. It was bad enough having nothing but rumors floating around by word of mouth, but to have it posted online -- I can't even imagine. I have definitely had my fair share of online haters, but I count myself fortunate to be confident enough to understand that this bullying really has nothing to do with me. It is just a reflection of how they feel about themselves and their own unhappiness. But what about all those young girls and boys that don't understand this? At the time I'm sure it can feel like the end of the world and that is a very scary thing.

I could honestly go on about this for hours, but instead I will tell you about the amazing initiative that is Pink Shirt Day. It was started by 2 teenage boys in Nova Scotia who sympathized with a grade 9 boy who was being bullied for wearing pink. They protested at their school by having their fellow students wear pink in support. The initiative is now supported by schools and people of all ages across the country. 

Pink Shirt Day is February 25th and I really hope you will all show your support for this important cause! You can pick up you own pink shirt (like mine) at London Drugs, from which the net proceeds go towards the CKNW Orphan's Fund in support of boy's and girl's clubs anti-bullying programs. 

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