Monday, 9 March 2015

A Photo Adventure

 Happy Monday!! I hope you are having a wonderful start to your week. The sun is shining and I just met up with Ollie for lunch downtown so my day is pretty darn good so far. I'm just waiting to hear back on some news so it could be about to get even better!

I seriously can't believe the weather we've been having over the past month. It's one of those things that feels too good to be true. These photos were taken on one of those days, when I met up with Alexandra (from Alexandra Hahn Photography) to take some photos. She took me to this amazing trail at UBC that led from the forest down to the beach and truly couldn't have been more beautiful. The stairs were quite the hike back up, but it was totally worth it to get these shots and hang out with such a fun girl.

All photos by Alexandra Hahn
I was wearing:

H&M Sweater

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  1. Beautiful photos, I love your dress

  2. Amazing post! I'm loving the bold lip on you, it's my favorite accessory!!

    XO Courtney


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