Wednesday, 15 April 2015

London, I've Missed You

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I've gotta admit -- hump day on the Amalfi Coast is not a bad thing. It's really sort of amazing.
We decided to slow down a bit today and check out our local area of Praiano. It was just what we needed after so much sightseeing and trying to fit in as much as we can in this short amount of time. We're with a group of 7 people and I think everyone just needed a bit of a break from being a tourist for a moment. I love days like this where you just take it as it comes and don't need to worry about a thing.

I'm pretty excited to finally be digging into my trip photos and start showing them to you as well. These are from our second day in London, where we decided to go for a walk along the Thames and take in the beautiful views of the city. We both hadn't been there in quite a few years, so it was nice to see it with fresh eyes. We also found pretty much the best little market along the water that sold all the tastiest treats you could ever imagine. I think we spent about twenty pounds on brownies and Turkish delights. We might need to make another stop there on our way back through London...

I thought I was being pretty smart and layering up for the day, but I had forgotten just how cold that London wind can be. The temperature actually said a few degrees warmer than here on the Amalfi Coast, but trust me when I say that you cannot judge clothing based on that alone. I've been walking around in sleeveless tops and shorts here and actually got a sunburn the other day, whereas I would have been much happier in a parka, sweater, scarf and jeans in London. But, since I had already left the hotel and taken a few trains to get to the river, I was committed and had to live with it. My theory is that you just need to own it and act as if you aren't cold. It actually helps to not feel like you want to die! Plus, I'm from Canada, so a little chill in the air isn't going to kill me :)

I was wearing:

Topshop Jacket
Denim & Supply Shirt
Nicole Bridger Dress
Sam Edelman Boots
J.Crew Bag

Thanks so much for visiting!


  1. Such a cool pictures! Love them ^^
    Martina L.

    1. Missing London too! I have only great memories of this impressing city!!


  2. This is a great post!! We're going to London, Italy (incl. Positano!) and Barcelona in May. I've heard the temps can be hit or miss, so I am going to be packing my leggings to be prepared!

    xx Jill
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  3. so cute ;-)

    new post

  4. So simple and chic! I love your edgy layering! And your london pictures are lovely!

  5. Awesome pics! I'll be there on June!

  6. What a great trip u had~~ I soooo want to visit London !!!
    Your outfit is simple yet stylish !! Always looking great. Xo

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  7. Love the look Alison, even if it was a little cold!
    Sounds like an incredible trip! Hope you are having an amazing time!
    x Kirsty


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