Friday, 15 May 2015

Beautiful Capri

Our last day on the Amalfi Coast was spent exploring Capri and it couldn't have been a better end to our journey.
I actually hadn't expected to visit Capri during this trip but was secretly hoping that we would get the chance. It turned out to be everything that I had expected and I can see why it has such a great reputation for beauty. This was also the only place along the Amalfi Coast that had proper shopping, with designer stores lined up along the narrow streets. The other towns all had cute little tourist shops, but Capri has the goods -- and all of them. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling very well at all on this day (hence the sweater and boyfriend jeans on a beautiful sunny day) so I didn't take advantage of the shops. I actually look back on this day with a bit of regret because I could have been in my absolute heaven if I was in the mood for it. But I suppose that the non-stop traveling had taken its toll on my body and it was time to take it easy and rest. We still went for a stroll around the island, checked out the blue grotto (total rip-off), took the tram to the upper village and ate some delicious gelato. We then shared a bottle of wine while we took in the view of the beautiful island and Mediterranean beyond. It was a wonderful relaxing day and I would so love to come back one day to experience it fully. Perhaps next time we can actually stay on the island!

I hope you have an amazing weekend! xoxo

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Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Jeans

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  1. Nice pics and amazing place!

  2. You could sell that first photograph as a tourism postcard for Capri, dearest's literally "picture perfect!!" So sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well enough to do any hardcore shopping on this last day of your vacation; but maybe it was a blessing in disguise...for your pocketbook, at least!! ;)

  3. Lovely place!! I love your Jean!!
    Thanks for sharing great photos!!


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