Friday, 29 May 2015

Summertime Staple -- The Kimono

Happy Friday!! I've taken a bit of an extended weekend and headed over to the island last night and I'm so happy that I did!
It is such a gorgeous day and I started it in the best way possible -- with yoga in my parents' yard, under the huge willow trees. It is mornings like this that make me miss all the space you get when you move outside of the city. It's so unbelievably peaceful.

I've come over this weekend for a girls' trip and I couldn't be more excited! We have rented a cabin on the ocean and will be spending 2 nights there for some good ol' girl time. It has been way too long since we have all been together -- especially with us all living in different cities -- so this is very long overdue. I'll try to take some photos if I get the opportunity. I have a feeling the girls might be a little camera shy, but I'll see if I can remedy that!

This kimono is going to be getting a lot of use this weekend. It is the absolute perfect item to throw on over a bikini or if the wind picks up a bit too much during the day. I'm actually wearing it right now to run a couple of errands before we take off on our trip. This is another item from local brand Jackson Rowe and is just as perfect as the blanket from this post. I swear that every item in her line was made with my ideal summer in mind.

I hope you have an amazing weekend! xoxo

I was wearing:

Urban Outfitters Shorts

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  1. Love that kimono!! U look awesome!

  2. Your kimono is so cute, I love the fringe

  3. Lovely kimono and awesome shorts!

  4. awesome look ;-)

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  5. Gorgeous pictures!



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