Thursday, 9 July 2015

Getting Vegas Ready with NuMe

 I was so excited to join up with NuMe right before my trip to Vegas because I knew that it would be the absolute perfect tool to give me that messy curly Vegas hair that I love so much.
I have naturally extremely thin hair and I always need all the help I can get to achieve any sort of volume. I personally love an "imperfect" look, so the right tools to create lots of texture is imperative for me.

Check out below for my step-by-step to achieve this look and some amazing discount codes! You seriously don't want to miss out on these!
The NuMe Titan 3 Curling Wand comes with 3 different size curling barrels that are super easy to interchange. The largest barrel (32mm) is perfect for achieving loose natural looking waves; the smallest barrel (19mm) is perfect for tighter waves and achieving the most volume in your hair; but I decided to go with the medium barrel (25mm) that is the ultimate for giving the messy undone look that I was after on this particular night. 

I set my wand to 180 degrees as I have fine hair, but you may want to go a little hotter if your hair is on the thicker side.
Step 1: Start by sectioning your hair by pulling the top 2/3 into a clip. Then, section the bottom third into pieces that are about an inch or two wide. I usually just start grabbing smallish sections and don't worry too much about whether they are perfect or not.
Step 2: Wrap your hair around the wand, leaving the top and bottom inch free. This will create a much more natural and undone look once you're finished. Hold each section of hair around the wand for about 3 seconds. If you hair is harder to curl, maybe try holding it on for 5 seconds, but keep in mind that this is a high quality curling wand so you probably won't need to hold the hair in place for as long as you are used to.
Step 3: Continue onto the next section within the same row, but make sure to alternate the directions that you are curling. I always curl the front section away from my face, then the next would be curled towards it. This is the key to achieving lots of volume and is the trick to an undone look.
 Step 4: When you are finished curling the first row, you can section off the next layer.
 Step 5: Continue on in the same way that you did on your first layer of hair -- alternating between curling towards and away from you face. Again, don't worry about being too perfect with it. We want this look to be fun!
Step 6: When you get to the top layer of you hair, you will once again alternate directions. Make sure to curl the fringe section of your hair away from you face as this will create a beautiful frame. I also try to make the front section slightly looser, so I don't hold it for quite as long (maybe one second, rather than three).
Step 7: Backcomb the crap out of the roots. I usually do a couple of layers of backcombing because it doesn't seem to hold in my hair. Hairspray helps with this as well!
Step 8: Mess that hair up. Don't be afraid to comb right through it with your fingers and shake it all up. I usually flip my head right over and give it a good shake out that way. We don't want any perfect ringlets here!
Step 9: Get your outfit on, give your hair one last shake out, and you're ready to go!

Bonus: This curling wand is so amazing that you will more than likely wake up with awesome curly hair in the morning as well! I usually get 2 or 3 days out of my look when I use this wand, which is pretty awesome in my books. Anything to cut down on my morning routine is a winner to me!

Even Better Bonus: I have DISCOUNT CODES!!


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Photos by my dear friend Jessica from Jessica Smith Photography

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  1. so cute!! ;-)

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  2. Lovin' the curls. They look great on you! :) (you would never think you have thin hair, with all that fab volume)
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