Thursday, 24 March 2016

2 Looks for Under $200

I'm so excited to show you this challenge that I took part in with Le Maison Simons and LOULOU Magazine and I'm even more excited that I actually succeeded!
The challenge was to style 2 complete looks while remaining within a $200 budget. It truly shouldn't be a challenge in Simons because they have so many reasonably priced items, but me being me -- I (without fail) reached for the most expensive items in the store. But after a lap around the store, I walked into the change rooms with about 5 million pieces and the help of one super sweet salesgirl and I manged. I wasn't sure if the $200 was meant to be before or after taxes, but the final tally of my 4 items came to $183 before taxes and $204.96 after taxes. I suppose I either did really good or just slightly failed. I like the former, personally.

I really wanted to show the range of styles that they offer by styling 2 completely different looks -- one being boho casual and the other being office appropriate. I actually think the hardest part was narrowing it down to my 2 favorite looks, but in the end I'm really happy with my choices. I wanted to make sure that I featured items that I would wear over and over again, rather than just styling a couple of crazy looks that would end up at the back of my closet. I think my favorite piece is the white lace-up blouse and the most worn will be the trousers -- they are so perfect for work.

And so for the best part of this post -- Simons and LOULOU will be holding an event at the Simons store in Park Royal Mall on March 31st and you're all invited! I'll be attending with a bunch of other bloggers that I'm sure you will all know-- Alexa from lovealexa.caAlicia from aliciafashionista.comMeagan from livingboldly.caM’c kenneth from -- and the event itself will be hosted by Jill from August Diaries and Claude Laframboise from LOULOU Magazine. I really hope to see you all there! 

You can RSVP to the Event HERE

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