Tuesday, 26 April 2016

These Flares

These pants are totally crazy and I don't think I could possibly love them any more.
Last weekend, Ollie and I went up to Squamish to see our friends at Wild & Heart and take part in their runway show at the Refresh Market. This is the third time I've been a part of the show and I always have so much fun doing it. I think that one of the best parts for me is that they always dress me in something that I would usually think was a bit too out there for me to try, but I end up falling in love with it so much. These pants are the perfect example of this and I just want to run away to live the life of a free spirit like they demand. Maybe one day soon I will ;)

You can check out some of my looks from their other shows here and here. I'll have another one for you soon as well! xoxo

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  1. What camera is this ? Please please tell me as i been looking to buy a camera which gives this exact result! Please do tell meee! Many thanksss!!!!

    1. Hi! These shots are taken with a Canon 7D. Most of the photos my blog are taken with this camera. I definitely recommend it -- it's a good one! Either that or the 70D which is probably even better :)
      I hope you have an amazing day!


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