Monday, 2 May 2016

The Shorts Are Out

 This weekend was so gorgeous! I can't believe how beautiful it was.
I had to be quite careful and not spend too much time in the sun because I have my Halo laser treatment this Friday, but I still couldn't resist getting outside and going for walks along the seawall with Ollie. On Saturday I was super careful and wore a hat, but yesterday I wasn't so good about it. I did wear an SPF 30+ and big sunglasses, so hopefully that did the trick. Once this treatment is over, I can't wait to soak up all that vitamin D! Ugh, I love summer so much.

Once the shorts are out for the first time, I always realize how pale my skin has gotten over the summer. I know this happens every year, but I'm always so shocked at it! Especially looking at the photos. I look like I've never seen the sun in my life! I'm always so in awe of the people that have a beautiful tan on the very first beach day of the year. Maybe I should venture into the world of fake tanner this year. It would be much better for the skin that a real tan, I just want to avoid looking orange if possible. That seems to be a lot to ask from a fake tan, but maybe there's a magical one out there. If you have any suggestions -- I would love to hear them!

I was wearing:

Jackson Rowe Sweater
Aritzia Top
One Teaspoon Shorts
Sam Edelman Boots
KVBijou Necklace

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  1. so cute pics ;-))

    i invite to me too

  2. I love that clothes, the colour is lovely x


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