Saturday, 11 June 2016

Weekend Fun

 Happy weekend! Ollie and I have been enjoying a bit of a long weekend and I can't tell you how nice it's been to have no plans and nowhere to be for 3 whole days.
It was Ollie's birthday on Thursday, so we thought we would take the next few days off to relax and enjoy an extended birthday weekend. I usually work from home on Fridays as it is but it was completely different to have the day off together. I didn't actually get much work done but I can't say that I mind!

These photos are from last weekend when it was the most gorgeous day we've had so far this year. We took the bikes out and went to stock up on fruit at Granville island. We've just started making our own kombucha from home and wanted to try all the different flavor combinations that we could think of. I also had fresh lychees for the first time and I think they are now my 3rd fave fruit -- after mangoes and strawberries. So good! They were terrible in the kombucha, but that's ok -- I'll just eat them alone. We piled all the fruit in my bike basket and headed back home to make a huge mess in the kitchen from all our concoctions. I think I might actually do a video on how to make kombucha soon. I was really scared to try it for myself, but a friend offered to send over a scoby and it turns out that it's sooo easy! And now I have an endless supply of the delicious drink. I am one very happy girl!

I was wearing:

Urban Outfitters Top
UNIF Shorts
BP Sandals
J.Crew Bag
Aritzia Hat

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