Tuesday, 26 July 2016


I've been to Victoria about a million times and somehow I always end up going right past the beautiful Beacon Hill Park without a second thought.
When Ollie's mom was in town, my parents took us through the park on our way downtown and all these memories came flooding back from being a kid running through the park and begging to feed the ducks. It truly is a magical place and now that I've rediscovered it, I feel like it will be our new favorite sanctuary to visit in the city. It's funny how you can completely forget about a place that held such a special place in your heart as a kid. I have one very vivid memory of begging my parents to go feed the ducks on a super cold day in the middle of winter. They were trying to convince me that it was too cold for any ducks to be there, but I wouldn't listen. I kept insisting until they finally brought my brothers and I there only to find the pond completely frozen over. We didn't end up feeding any ducks that day, but we did have a ton of fun sliding all over that ice as if it was a skating rink.

I was wearing:

Witchery Dress
Jack French London Bag
BP Sandals
Rayban Sunglasses

Thanks so much for visiting!

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